Chinese New Year in Miri 2011

I finally sat down in front of my PC today and decided to resize some photos taken during my trip back in Miri earlier this month so I could update my blog!

Initially, I had so many things I wanted to say. But since it took me about 2 hours to go through the photos, filter them, resize them, and upload them on to the net, I now too lazy to write a lengthy post about this trip -_-||

So basically, I’ll try my best to include some “descriptive” and “informative” narrations under the photos so I can end this post soon and go surf the net or something, HA!

年30 (“Nian 30” / Chinese New Year Eve) Night Market at China Town. Continue reading Chinese New Year in Miri 2011


KL Trip 2011

I took a short two-day trip to Kuala Lumpur before I flew back to Miri for Chinese New Year this year. Had a really wonderful time there with my closest cousin – chit-chatting till 3 a.m. in the morning, laughing and giggling just like old times. I also met up with my aunt and other younger cousins, ate lots and shopped till my pants dropped.

I didn’t take much photos during my trip in KL since I didn’t feel like lugging my cameras around while shopping. Below are some photos stolen from Siaw Wan’s camera, teehee!

Day 1: Taken at Pavilion after splurging at Zara. I believe I can have all four elements of good health, good wealth, prosperity and peace this year!

Gosh, do I miss my original dark hair 😦 I had my hair dyed while I was back in Miri but the color didn’t turn out to be the color I chose boohoo. More on that in my next post.

With purty cousin!

We were crazy hungry after a whole day of shopping on Day 1! I think it was already 2 or 3 o’clock when we finally decided to eat but didn’t know where to go. So we ended up in the food-court nearby and had the most amazing beef noodles (?) with beef balls soup and roasted duck! Oh, it was so good everyone just stopped talking and kept shoving food into our own mouths. I also ordered a bowl of guai ling gou, it was delicious!

A very happy and satisfied us, hahaha!

We basically collapsed that very night and I think we slept at 7 p.m. or something for 12 or 13 hours straight, hahahaha!

Day 2: Went to church in the morning then had the BEST char siew with hakka mee for breakfast! The char siew was seriously oo-emm-gee! It’s so good that I really don’t mind going there every week after church!

Following that, we went to KLCC and that’s where I parted with more money in exchange for vain things T_T

But I did not learn my lesson and we headed to Mid Valley afterward for more shopping -_- I got stuck for about 15 to 20 minutes in the I.T. Fair (which was jam packed thank God I didn’t get molested!) because I wanted to get cheap micro SD card for my harinezumi, lol! *cheapo*

Finally, it was time to head to my other aunt’s place for dinner.

The awesome home-cooked meal for the night! Kudos to my aunts. The food was so yummeh!

My uncle served us some red wine so this is a photo of a slightly red Hector with Wing Kin, lol!

Kin and I flew back to Miri the following day early in the morning.

I had a great time in KL! Will definitely visit more often in the future 🙂

I also recorded quite a few short clips during my trip there so hopefully I’ll find some time to compile them into a short video and share it with you all someday.

Until then, goodnight!


I’m back in Perth. It seems almost surreal that I’m here right now and not back home in Miri.

I took lots and lots of photos and videos during my trip back home this time, which I’m eager to share with you all but I seriously don’t know where to begin!

I met up with lots of ex-schoolmates this year, some of whom I haven’t met for years! It’s interesting to see how some of them have changed drastically, while some others have not changed at all, haha. I also attended an ex-classmate’s wedding! And another ex-classmate gave birth to her first child! Man, how time flies!

I also ate lots and lots of food, as expected! I have about an average of 5 meals a day, excluding nibbling of junk food in between. It’s no wonder I put on 2 kilograms during my trip this time and one of my colleagues commented that my face is rounder T_T

Anyway, I had the most amazing time ever back home this time. I’m missing Miri already.

The best part of the whole trip? Watching fireworks together with my mum, my brother and my sister on Chinese New Year Eve in my bedroom with the lights switched off. We are constantly picking fight with each other every single minute of the time. But that night, at that moment, we stopped and watched the beautiful fireworks in silence, in awe and in peace. Like my sister said, it is the warmest thing to do as a family.

I miss my Miri home.

And I miss all of you back home too.

Will blog about my trip back home soon, promise!