Chinese New Year in Miri 2011

I finally sat down in front of my PC today and decided to resize some photos taken during my trip back in Miri earlier this month so I could update my blog!

Initially, I had so many things I wanted to say. But since it took me about 2 hours to go through the photos, filter them, resize them, and upload them on to the net, I now too lazy to write a lengthy post about this trip -_-||

So basically, I’ll try my best to include some “descriptive” and “informative” narrations under the photos so I can end this post soon and go surf the net or something, HA!

εΉ΄30 (“Nian 30” / Chinese New Year Eve) Night Market at China Town.

My brother insisted that we go together as a family that night because that’s what families do. We were actually quite tired that night because the reunion dinner was held at our place as well. So with all the preparation and the cooking and the cleaning, we were exhausted by night time. But still, we decided to go since well, “that’s what families do”, hahahaha!

The place was packed when we reached. Chinese New Year songs were blasting loudly on the speakers and they had special performances by kids/organizations on a stage by the roadside. Pretty interesting. Then we went INTO the crowd to be sandwiched just so we could take a look at what’s on sale at the night market this year!

We bumped into my uncle’s family, who visits the night market every single night after they started it (lol!) and also a couple of familiar faces and friends, hehe. Went home empty-handed but with a heart filled with excitement – Chinese New Year was just the next day!


This is one of my favorite things of Chinese New Year! It’s just doesn’t feel right if you don’t hear firecrackers during the occasion. I remember one year when they first banned firecrackers in Miri, our CNY was rather quiet and worse – moodless!

This year, although firecrackers is still very much banned in Miri, it is still very much smuggled around and lit during Chinese New Year, hahahaha! That’s the Chinese spirit, yo!

Taken at Stephanie & James’ wedding dinner. From left: Vera, Chia Yei, moi, Siaw Wan, Sze Yin & Kylie (I haven’t met Kylie for yeeeears and it was so good to see her again!).

We had heaps of fun during the dinner that night! The guy’s table (just behind us) was the noisiest of all, which was kinda expected because they have Johnny at their table, hahaha.

With Peter & Siaw Wan.

This was taken before the dinner began so I was still fine in my dress. After we started eating, my dress started to feel tighter and tighter I wanted to just sit down the whole night and have someone carry me away when this is done, in case you know, I tear my dress if I moved too much -_-

But I was spared from this humiliation, I went home fine and dandy that night with my dress still in one piece =)

The boys with the bride & groom! The couple looked so gorgeous that night their faces were glowing! I wish them all happiness and joy in their new lives life together as husband and wife.

This was after the wedding dinner that night. Some of the guys booked a room at a hotel to spend the night so we all went to crash their place, lol!

Oh, in case you’re trying to figure out what we’re doing in the photo, we were actually doing the “lou sang” thingy and it didn’t turn out very well, hahahaha! Someone – we don’t know who, flipped the whole “sang” off from the newspapers and toppled it all over the carpet! Thank goodness I was smart enough to stay so far away from the beginning so I didn’t get any on my clothes, lol!

Adeline got so drunk that night because they all played drinking games and most of them targeted her to drink, lol! Oh, that was so much fun!

With Teck Lim at our reunion lunch.

We had a reunion lunch at Cafe Rosita where I met quite a couple of friends I haven’t seen in ages!!! Also met baby Giselle who is super, super cute!

Group photo of us girls. Ing Hui went home early =(

We took a lot more photos that afternoon, a lot of which were already posted on Facebook but I’m too lazy to link them here, so just this one will do, hahaha!

Man, the so-called “descriptive” and “informative” narrations are getting shorter and shorter! I KNEW this would happen.

Now, moving on to photos of cute kids!

My cousins! Siaw Wan & Rachael. Cute little Rachael looked like Boo from Monster Inc. since she was very little! Such a little poser, lol!

Siaw Wan and I with the three sisters! Oh, all of them are so adorable I kept kissing their cheeks secretly, LOL! Don’t we just love kids.

Esther brought me to visit Angela and her two kids this year! This is Angela and her youngest son, Shawn. He’s so good looking it’s ridiculous!

And this is Spencer, the eldest. These boys are born to be heart-breakers, le sigh…

My favorite shot of Shawn for the day! =)

Esther and Angela ❀

Thank you Esther for taking the time to bring me with you that day! I had such a good time although I almost fell asleep at Angela’s house because it was too comfortable sitting on her couch watching Toy Story 3, lol!

With Amy at Star Bucks! I hope you enjoyed your FAT green tea latte as much as I did! =D

It was great catching up with you again, darl! It’s been 2 years (or more?) and we can still laugh and talk so much =P And your mum’s mee sua is still so awesome! Sigh, it’s making me hungry now =(

Okay, this photo was random, lol! Was out with Adeline, Cliffton, Kevin & Johnny at Chique.

Played the “finger on the bucket” game and had good fun! Ended up having crazy-eyed photos of me taken and posted on Facebook T_T

I should have done the “Blue Steel” look instead!

Like this! Ben Stiller ❀

On a totally random note, I found my favorite rubber boots when I was a kid in China Town!!!

They looked something like the smaller boots and they were in red with Popeye stickers at the sides of the boots. Oh, the memories! I can’t believe that was 20 years ago! Ma, look at how much I’ve grown!

Also, you all would have noticed that I had my hair colored while I was back in Miri hence the light brown hair. This wasn’t the color I asked for but it came out like this so I couldn’t do anything about it T_T

The worse thing is, mum thinks I had some chemical reaction from the hair dye because for the whole week after I had my hair colored, my face was always red while the rest of my body was not. So I was red-faced like a drunkard in all the photos taken of me during my entire trip back in Miri T_T I’ve toned down the redness in the photos above because I’m not ready to show you my baboon-ass-red face =(

At first I thought it could just be me not getting used to seeing my hair in this color or that the color doesn’t complement my skin tone hence making it look red. But the two days before I left Miri, the redness faded slightly and now that I’m back in Perth, the redness is gone!

I’m so glad that I’m looking normal again, albeit very ah lian with this color but that’s okay, I can just put on some make up and dress ah lian so that’s fine. Much better than having my hair in this color AND having a red face, which cannot be fixed.

All in all, I had the most wonderful time in Miri this year! I spent quality time with both my family and friends this time and I’m so glad that I did =)

Now, last but not least……

You didn’t think this was going to be a post without a single camwhore shot, did ya?


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6 thoughts on “Chinese New Year in Miri 2011”

  1. It’s nostalgic to see you in your room. It keeps reminding me of the little squishy treasures which Mike and I found in your room, on your desk! ;p

    Aaah… wish I was back there too 😦


  2. i love the shot of sean alone. oh gosh, his eyelashes really broke my heart. why wasn’t i born with such long killer lashes? haha. haihhh… heart breaker indeed.

    thanks for coming back dear. we missed you so much and angela and i were really hoping that this year we could meet up with you and we did. although we’ve toned down and we watched toy story 3 the whole time, i guess it’s the company that matters πŸ™‚

    i hope next year, more of us will be back and we can have a real and proper reunion. friends like this, just aren’t those that will fade with time. somehow, time has no effect at all on us. and last but not least (i’ve talked too much, i know haha), i had the best CNY ever and i am glad you too. miss you dear! muaks.


    1. Hehehe yeah that’s my favorite shot of Shawn (I think it’s spelt this way. Curi from Angela’s Facebook, lol!!!) I saw it on my camera screen and I just fell in love with it instantly πŸ˜›

      We have toned down in terms of talking loudly but we masih ojibala about random things. I really enjoyed myself sooo much just chilling and enjoying each other’s company just like old times πŸ™‚

      We really should do this more often! ❀


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