Birthday! Whee~!

I had an awesome birthday celebration again this year with a couple of close friends and for the first time in 5 years, a family member – my brother!

Wing Kin got me an ice-cream cake this year for my birthday! Super, super happy about it ‘cos I haven’t had birthday cakes for a few years now so I’ve actually been bugging him about it, pestering him to get me an ice-cream cake this year, heh! Thanks darling!

Now I shall let the photos do the talking……

My brother doing the Bruce Lee and a rare, blurry photo of Cheok Pei (he dislikes being photographed) who told me that I’ve lost weight! ❤

Our BBQ at a park near Meng’s place. Initial plan was to hold a BBQ at his place (thank you once again for letting us crash your place! :D) but then we didn’t have any usable BBQ pit so went to a nearby park instead, hahahaha. How disorganized, I know 😛

But it was fun BBQ-ing in the dark! We had the iPhone users provide us with source of light from their flashes and oh! oh! oh! the lamb cutlets were just SOOOOOO DARN GOOD!

After dinner, we headed back to Meng’s and it’s time for the cake-cutting part! The ice-cream cake was already melting ‘cos someone forgot to put the cake in the freezer but I still dilly-dallied with my camera so they ended up singing my birthday song super fast 😦 (Attention seeker deep inside HAHAHAHAHA!)

This is a very happy me making my birthday wish! ICE-CREAM CAKE!!! ♥

Cake-cutting. Yummy can’t wait to dig in!

Oh, happy!!!!!! See how the cake’s already melting at the side?

Oh yeah, everybody’s waiting for their piece of ice-cream/cake now. Look how happy they are, hahahaha!

That’s me with Sze Yin and Fiona – the only girls at the party, wheeee!!! Love you girls!

I’ve decided not to post the super ugly photos of us making faces purely because I looked like a fat ghastly clown in them and Fi you cheated *poke*

Well, well, what do we have here? Lo and behold, the Queen of Gambler, lol!

Played drinking game after a couple of them left. This is where I got super red and started laughing super loudly and talking incoherently -_-

Don’t worry, I didn’t end up puking that night and I managed to go to work the next day without any hangover 😉

A big muah to all of you who celebrated my birthday with me this year and also a big thank you to all of you who wished me Happy Birthday!!! You guys are awesome! ♥


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