Accidental Happiness

Went back to work yesterday after our five-day long Good Friday/Easter Sunday/ANZAC Day long weekend. Was a crazy hectic day with jobs piling up for me to finish! Just makes me wish our little holiday were a day or two longer.

Anyway, I packed up at five-thirty and input my time sheet (so relieved that it’s finally head-home o’clock) when I suddenly realized that it was Wednesday, not Tuesday! Imagine how happy I was! Just two more dreadful working days and the weekend embraces me once again.

Weekends – my love.

Here’s a random photo of myself when I got bored one night so started camwhoring on my bed, haha! Been meaning to take some vain photos of my long hair but I’ve been too busy being lazy whenever I have some extra time >_<


Gloomy Day

Today’s gloomy and cloudy weather made me extremely lazy and sleepy. Took a train to the city by myself this afternoon. I missed the first train but I thought, oh well, it’s just another eleven minutes plus of wait, that shouldn’t be too bad. So I sat down next to this lady and waited for the time to pass.

Eleven minutes later, the train arrived. But it was jam packed. There was a game going on at Subiaco Oval so I suppose all the trains were filled with football fans heading to the stadium for the game. I hope there’s room for me!

By now, everyone at the train station was trying to squeeze into the train. But when it was my turn, I couldn’t step into the train ‘cos it was completely full. I frantically pressed the “Open Door” button but the door wouldn’t budge at all.

And so, I was left outside. T_T

Beside me stood another lady and we exchanged glances. She was left outside too, hahaha! So we both went back to the bench, sat down, and waited for another eleven minutes or so. That’s the second train we both missed!

Burnt a hole in my wallet today buying a cleanser, lipstick and a couple of products from Kiehl’s (trying to see if they’ll work for my skin). They’re so pricey here in Australia! Argh!

Went home all happy and excited after that. By 5:30pm I was yawning and sleepy because of the cloudy skies. *Yawns* Can’t wait for my long, long weekend next weekend! Not going to do anything exciting this Easter – either stay at home and read some new books that I bought, or start packing up my stuffs into boxes (will blog about this some other time).

I Want This So Badly

Someone please, please, please find me a “Trigger Effect, The / My Best Friend’s Wedding” bootleg album by James Newton Howard. I want a particular song from the album but couldn’t find it anywhere on the net. It’s not on iTunes and I couldn’t find the album on Amazon nor eBay neither 😥

Somebody help me, please?