House Hunting

I’ve been busy looking for another place to move to for months now. The whole house-hunting project wasn’t easy and we were disappointed several times when our applications got rejected but guess what, God saved the best one for us after all.

I’ve been staying at my current for three years already and it’s finally time to move! I have nothing to complain about my current place except for the lack of space. In fact, I love it for so many, many reasons:

  • It’s so near my work place – just two streets down! I can walk/cycle/drive to work effortlessly (depending on my level of laziness each day, hehe.)
  • It’s near the new shopping mall, Claremont Quarter. Love, love, love the interior of this mall so it makes my shopping experience there just wonderful.
  • It’s near the post office – two streets away as well!!! Waiting for a parcel but they dropped you the ever-so-annoying “pick-me-up-at-the-post-office” card instead (common problem for apartment residents)? This never really annoyed me that much since I can easily walk across two streets to collect it! Oh yeah! *I rock pose*
  • It’s near the train station. The train station and train tracks are literally just across the street from my place. It was hell during the first few nights after I moved in because I never had to sleep with crazy beeping, buzzing & HONKING noises of trains! After three good years of training, I’m now immune to it. In fact, it’s actually quite soothing to listen to, since this is how being at “home” sounds like to me now.
  • It’s near the medical centre. If I’m feeling unwell, I can just take a short drive of three to five minutes to see a doctor. Oh, and the chemist is just another two minutes drive away.
  • It’s secure. I wouldn’t necessarily call it safe with a pub nearby (drunkards almost every night and definitely throughout the weekends, plus the Claremont serial killer is still on the run!!!) but it’s definitely rather secure because of the security gates we have. The new place we are moving to is not fenced and I don’t think the back door has a security screen =(
  • The people. We have some really friendly and wonderful neighbors. Although most of them are gong gongs po pos, they had made our stay here very pleasant (not much ridiculously loud noises, except from the new resident downstairs, hmph!). Wing Kin and I have helped others with things like changing a punctured tyre (I played no part in this besides watching hahaha!), retrieving a cellphone that dropped into the manhole (!), etc. They have also helped me when I stupidly locked myself out of my unit with no keys and cellphone and was in my pajamas without a bra when Kin was in Miri T_T
  • Last but not least, I had a lot of fond memories here in this place. For the last three years, I ate, drank, shat, slept, danced, played, injured myself, argued, prayed, laughed and cried in this cozy little place I call “home”. I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t miss this place at all after I move out. I will definitely miss this place – for the convenience, the comfort, the luxury and the memories it gave me…

I have exactly one week to move everything into the new place but I won’t get the keys till Monday so that only leaves me four days on hand to sort everything out. Feeling a mixed emotion of excitement and anxiety – I am SO excited about moving but I’m worried that I can’t get things done on time!

This weekend will be crazy! I have boxes in the apartment right now and I have to try to stuff three years worth of junk into them. Wish me luck!!!

Can’t wait to show you guys the humble new place I’m moving into as well! Wheeeee~


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