Boombox Tour 2011

So I went to my very first concert in Perth last month – Official Boombox Tour 2011 Perth with the sole purpose of seeing Nigahiga & Kevjumba in real life, hahahaha!

The concert was held in Murdoch auditorium but getting there was SUCH A PAIN. The concert was scheduled to start at 6:30pm, but at 5:50pm, I was still stuck in a traffic jam in the heavy rain. I reached home about 10 minutes past six to pick my brother up and changed into a warmer outfit.

As we got into the car, I thought to myself, getting there shouldn’t be difficult so I suppose we can get there on time. But noooo, I was so, so wrong! I couldn’t find the effin’ place at all! I drove along Farrington Road for a few times, missing the turning several times because there was no street lights, no road signs and next to the road was a jungle! Ugh! I even drove to a recreation centre and thought that must be it but it wasn’t. T_T

Good thing we still managed to find the place after several interrupting calls to Meng & Fiona who were already there, phew!

*Drumrolls* Presenting Kevjumba & Nigahiga as the hosts of the night! Aww you guys are awfully cute. Ahem.

Maribelle Anes from Melbourne. Believe it or not she’s only 15 years old.

Maribelle strumming her guitar.

Andrew Garcia from American Idol!!! He has an amaaaazing voice. Loved it when he sang Maroon 5’s songs ‘cos those were the only ones I knew how to sing along to 😐

Hahahahahaha Nigahiga & Kevjumba in their bumblebee outfits. Gotta love their cool shades. Me wants.

Kevjumba with his fans. “OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU KEVJUMBA!” I feel old ‘cos instead of being one of those crazy fans up the front, I was just staying put at my seat enjoying the view.

What’s with the pose? Lol!!!

Go team Bumblebee!

When Nigahiga declared his love for twins, we know it was time for the most talented and beautiful twins to perform.

None other than jayesslee.

Can I say they were aweeeesome? Just love ’em!


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