I Finally Did It!

I finally snipped it off! Approximately 20 inches snip snip snip and gone! Just like that. The hairdresser asked if I was really willing to cut it all off or not, since it’s so very long right now and I said yeah, I haven’t had a haircut for about three years now so just go ahead. It’s time for a new hairstyle, really. :mrgreen:

By the way, I took like a gazillion photos before I made an appointment to have my hair cut today commemorating the times when my hair was long. So be warned, because there are a handful of camwhore shots coming up next, hahahaha. (Finally! A chance to post all my vain pics up! HAHAHAHA!)

“Before 1” – Taken a couple of weeks back at my own place. With curls & Topshop poncho.

“Before 2” Wearing it straight.

“Before 3” Taken just last weekend. I crocheted the beret myself – will be on sale on thepurlshop soon! 😳

“Before 4” Also wearing my very first pair of tapered trousers from Topshop. Top by Sass & Bide. Belt by MNG. (This is turning into a “fashion” post as well hurhur.)

“Before 5” The nerd look. Love my Wayfarers!

“Before 6” By then my ring light was making me sweat so I changed into a pair of short denim and took off my heels.

“Before 7” Last one of me wearing my long, long hair. Faux fur gilet by Topshop. LOVE IT as it’s totally hot and it keeps me warm too.

Now are you ready for the final outcome of today’s haircut?


TADA!!! What do you think?


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Jessica Blaise S

Interior decor & photography enthusiast.

13 thoughts on “I Finally Did It!”

  1. Did u keep the 20inch of hair. I can use it for extension to easily add another 20inch to mine πŸ˜›

    Looking fab with the new hairstlye


    1. Hahahahaha! Unfortunately, I didn’t! The hairdresser took it away from it before I could regret the haircut, LOL!

      Thank you!!!


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