Bedside Tables, Wardrobe & Chrysanthemums

We went to Ikea with Fiona yesterday since Ikea is having their end of financial year sale! What better reason to shop as much as we want? Hehehehe. I finally bought bedside tables as high as the bed and most importantly, a wardrobe. Been living off my suitcase for the past few weeks since I moved in so the hallway and the bedroom were in a total mess, hahaha!

Fiona and I did the most impressive thing ever yesterday, part-assembling the whole wardrobe all by ourselves! Kin was out fishing with my brother and some friends and we girls were left at home, excited with our purchases and thrilled to see the outcome of the assembled products. So instead of waiting for the mister the come home from his favorite pastime, we girls decided to take things into our own hands and surprise the men. Nyehehehe.

Mind you, it wasn’t an easy task, considering how heavy and how tall the wardrobe is! We almost dropped the boxes while carrying them into the bedroom ‘cos we couldn’t stop laughing. And we couldn’t stop laughing because the boxes were really heavy and we thought we weren’t gonna make it. LOL.

But, we managed in the end and heck, we did a hell of an awesome job. Well, up till the nailing part came by. I was in charge of the nailing and so there I was, happy as can be, nailing two pieces of flimsy board to the back of the wardrobe.

When it was finally done, we had to tilt the wardrobe upwards so we can add on the shelf compartments and the clothing rails. The tilting of the wardrobe was scary because that thing was h-e-a-v-y and I was afraid that once it collapses, Fi would get struck by it or something, hahahaha. It’s so funny now that I think about it. And just when I saw the insides of the wardrobe, I went all, “Oh my God. Shit. Shit. Shit.”

There were protruding nails on the insides of the wardrobe. T_T

Can’t believe I failed so miserably. It was really an ugly sight. I got so disappointed and Fi was comforting me by my side with her, “Awww…… it’s okay. Once you put in the shelves you won’t be able to see it anymore.” *Sniff*

Alas, I had to use a bit of help from Kin still in removing the protruding nails and fixing the doors to the wardrobe. But hey, we girls completed 90% of the job nonetheless! *Proud* Thank you so much for you help, Fi!!!

Now, here is a photo of the new addition to the bedroom – bedside table (both assembled by Fi and myself), and camwhore shots of (no, not myself!) some chrysanthemums! I bought some chrysanthemums from the supermarket earlier this week since our lilies have withered. They’re a pretty bunch of pink and it’s wonderful seeing how flowers can add so much life to a room. Photos of the new wardrobe will be added next week, hopefully! Enjoy these for now!

HEMNES bedside table from Ikea.

Chrysanthemums in the bedroom.

Chrysanthemums by the window.


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