This is how destructive a puppy can get when it is teething and/or bored. This is the aftermath of Koko in destructive mode. This is the first toy that we bought for Koko – a miniature version of himself, lol. Sadly, the right ear had been completely torn off, there are bite marks on his left ear and holes on his entire body T_T

He also completely destroyed the second toy we got him – a mini tyre. At one point, the carpet in the living room was filled with little black pieces bitten off from the tyre -_- Kin just recently got him a tennis ball-like chew toy and Koko’s already starting to tear it apart. This boy is just so darn destructive!

We have since got him some dental bones to bite and torture instead. Hope those will last him for the next couple of months! *Fingers crossed*


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Jessica Blaise S

Interior decor & photography enthusiast.

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