This took place yesterday morning when I was on the way out to work after having a brief conversation with my brother.

Me: You’d better stay guai guai at home I tell ya. Don’t o-ji-ba-la.

Bro: Mmm.

Me: (Paused.) Oh no, I was talking to Koko, not you.



I’m Sorry

Kin went home this afternoon to find that Koko had basically turned the whole hallway upside down. Bits of bitten newspapers were everywhere, the LAN cable leading to my brother’s room was bitten off into 4 separate “mini LAN cables” and the base of his bed has a huge hole now.

It’s not his first time driving us mad and bonkers. And each and every time he does something wrong, he gives you this look.

Now tell me, how can I stay mad at an alien as cute as this! ARGH.


Hi everyone! I’ve decided to create a new page where I can post all my pre-loved goods for sale to those of you in Australia. Most of the items I’m selling are in “as new” condition. I probably have worn them once or twice only but will be parting with them because they will just remain sitting in my closet for the next five years or so if I don’t sell them off, haha.

Do check it out if you’re interested 🙂