The Other Side

Hi everyone!! Sorry for the lack of update. It seems like I haven’t been blogging properly lately. And whenever I do post something up, it’s most likely to be a photo or a video of Koko, hahaha! If you’re already getting sick of that then perhaps this post today will not make you cringe because it is not a post about Koko. I heard you saying “phew!” LOL.

Anyway, work has been busy, busy, and busy! Last weekend, I was invited by one of our clients to have dinner at her place. Under normal circumstances, I would be more than happy to do so, if it were with a client I am comfortable with. However, I’ve had some nasty experience with this client before, which resulted in her telling me off over the phone and yelling at me something along the lines of “Why are you such an idiot” and “Are you stupid or what“.

I was very offended when it happened and I was fighting back my tears while on the phone and after the conversation ended because I certainly didn’t want to end up crying in the office! So I briefly told my colleagues and my boss about what happened – that I got scolded and told off by some mistakes that I did NOT make.

The next thing I knew, the client called back and said she finally understood my template and THEN, resolved to blaming my boss for not giving her a proper template or explanation at the first place. Well, hello? I had been trying to explain to you on the past five phone calls just then but then you cut me off every single time I said something and you wouldn’t listen to a single word I said? Somebody kill that woman already!


Anyway, we sorted the shit out and I was more than glad that it was over because doing jobs like this makes me constipated and miserable. Ugh!

Fast forward to a couple of weeks later, the client called back. This time her attitude has changed completely! She was polite, eerily nice over the phone and complemented me every time she saw me. “You look quite beautiful now.” “Your hairstyle suits you very much. It makes you look so young.” “You look like you’re doing well now. Have you been promoted?”

But it wasn’t all roses without thorns. She also said the following:

“This haircut looks nice on you. Your old previous hairstyle looked… Well I don’t know if you were busy or what but you looked messy.” -_-

Have I mentioned that she did not even want to take a second glance at me the first time we had a meeting together because I didn’t look ‘qualified’ enough? 😡 No smile, no nothing. Not even a handshake when I offered!

So yeah, I just couldn’t bring myself to actually like this client. Imagine what my reaction was like when she invited me over for dinner!!! o_O

I politely declined right away, stating that it wasn’t necessary. But then her eyes grew SO BIG (remember Cikgu Sheila from our KH class?) and she gave me the how-could-you-say-no look. T_T I wanted someone to step in and rescue me immediately but no one came into the meeting room so the next thing I knew, I was nodding my head and saying I’m free on Sunday evening. FML.

The dinner took place last night. In the morning, our side gate could not be opened for a few minutes and I was actually HAPPY because I thought, wheeee if my car is stuck inside then I can tell her that I can’t make it tonight right? But Kin managed to open it as soon as I had that thought in my head. So I still had to attend the dinner last night. -_-

(Omg this is a super duper long post! Totally unexpected. Hahahahaha!)

On the way there, I prayed in the car while driving that I would be able to go through the whole dinner without any mental torture or pain, lol.

But to my surprise, it all went very, very well. She was extremely nice to me. I met her two children and her mother who became deaf after she fell very ill one day. I saw a side of her that I never imagined I would see. The only impression that I had of her before was her being a real @)(*@#&$. But who isn’t a bitch sometimes? I can be a real bitch too just ask Kin and he’ll tell you! HAHAHA!

Believe it or not, I actually had a good time that night.

(Okay, okay, I’m getting to my point now.)

While I was driving home after dinner, I thought of an article I read during Mass in the morning. It was about God loving every single one of us. It says, we should pray for the people we love, and pray even more for the ones whom we dislike or have hurt us. It also says that we should see through the eyes of God because in God’s eyes, every single one of us is His child who deserves His love, no matter how bad, evil or sinful we are.

I immediately thought of her, then of myself, and then guilt crept up on me. There is no reason to dislike a person just because he/she was mean to me because they deserve to be loved as well. The knot in my heart finally came undone, we’re finally in good terms.

My point is (finally!), if you have some grudge that you are holding against someone inside your heart, the best thing to do is to pray for that person and God will do the rest.

Last night, God showed me the other side of her. The beautiful side.


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