The Weekend’s Here

I love Fridays! Love it because it’s the last day of work and when I wake up from tonight’s sleep, it will be Saturday! Don’t you just love that feeling? :mrgreen:

Life’s been treating me good lately. I spend lots of time at home cooking, cleaning and washing. Eh, eh, eh, I know you’re thinking that I’m such an aunty now but I’m just being a good girlfriend and sister okayyy? Lol.

I missed my badminton session for a couple of weeks already so I’m quite unfit now. 😦 The only exercise I get is from walking Koko. Unfortunately I can’t really do it on a daily basis because I have to start cooking once I get home from work so I can only walk him or bring him to the park on weekends.

This was taken last weekend at a nearby park by the river. The winter sun was beautiful we all enjoyed it very much (though I had a little bit of a sunburn from gardening). Had a nice stroll by the riverside with Koko while Kin fished. It was a simple yet perfect Saturday arvo.

Here’s another one of Koko doing the “tongue” emoticon 😛 Hahahahaha!

The weather forecast says it might rain tomorrow but I’m hoping for a sunny day! *Fingers crossed* Have a wonderful weekend everyone! I’m so chirpy today! LOL.


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Jessica Blaise S

Interior decor & photography enthusiast.

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