So Pampered

I feel so loved by the boyfriend this week because he’s been such a sweetheart, haha. He came to get me out for lunch one working day and surprised me with a pot of flower in the passenger seat. ❤ ❤ I asked him why did he buy me flowers and he suavely replied, “因为家里的死了(Because the ones at home have withered).” -_-

It’s sooo beautiful and smells absolutely lovely!

The next day or so, my hair dryer broke! I could see sparks inside the hair dryer from the fan area at the back and there was a burning scent after it died, it was darn scary. Argh, with my thick, short hair, I could NOT live without my hair dryer. Maybe for a day or two but definitely not for more than that. Plus I don’t like to go to bed with damp hair and mum says that it’ll give me unbearable migraines when I grow old 😦 So I briefly told Kin about my misfortune and that I’ll need to get a new one this weekend.

But oh guess what? The very next day, he surprised me with a box in the bedroom after I got home from work that evening – he got me a new hair dryer!!! And mind you, a better and more kehsi one, lol! It’s so nice knowing that a man is listening to your whining and ranting, hehehe.

Thank you darling for making my week!


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Jessica Blaise S

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