I’m proud to say that I haven’t been spending unwisely for the past few months because I haven’t bought any new clothes since before I moved into the new place, hehe. Well, I did break my spree last weekend by buying a singlet top to be worn at home but it only costs $8 so it wasn’t anything, really.

But after resisting sooo much temptations for so many months, I finally gave in tonight. I went all oh, ah, wow, I want! while I was doing my “window shopping” online tonight. The worst thing is, I could have done this when we had our huge mid-year stocktake sale but NOOOOO, I had to do it when there’s no sales at all! D’oh!

I know I’m gonna be in a big trouble in the next couple of weeks after the clothes arrive because by then, I’ll “need” to find new shoes to match them new outfits! *Pulls hair out*

Alrighty, time to go shower, do some sit-ups, push-ups and go to bed. Gotta tone the big belly up a lil’ so I can fit into those swell-lookin’ new clothes! HA!


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Jessica Blaise S

Interior decor & photography enthusiast.

4 thoughts on “D’oh!”

    1. ASOS oh!!! I rarely buy from there, only once, but this time they just seem to have so much variety!! T_T Maybe I’m just sakai cos so long didn’t go window shopping online liaw T_T


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