Random #4

Here’s a random photo of myself picking up Koko’s shit in a park two weeks ago. Poor puppy was super hyper throughout the whole time we spent at the park, which was about an hour and a half? It didn’t cross my mind that he actually needed to ‘go’. I just thought that he was going nuts because it’s a new place which he’d never been to!

So yeah, he shat while we were walking back towards the car. We all went, “Ohhhh!!! Ohhhhh nooo Koko! Ohhhh…!! Uhm, okay, GOOD BOY KOKO! GOOD BOY!” We ended up praising him because we’re also training him to do his business in the park. BUT! There are consequences for letting your dog poo in public – you gotta pick up after your dog! So there I was, being a responsible dog owner, picking up Koko’s shit while Kin happily snapped a photo of me -_-

Please excuse the censored butt area because my butt crack was peeping slightly HAHAHAHA!!!

Okay, I just thought that this is funny and that it might crack you guys up hence such a random post! That’ll be all for now, tata!

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Jessica Blaise S

Interior decor & photography enthusiast.

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