Extreme Makeover

I had an extreme makeover… using Meitu Xiu Xiu wtf. LOL LOL. Gave myself a virtual nosejob, a jaw reduction and a teeth straightening procedure. Oh, and a new hair too!


Latest Splurge: Skirts

I recently fell in love with vintage/retro-looking skirts. Three weeks ago, I finally saw two that I’d really love  to try on and bought them online!

I’ll be sharing some photos that I took today with you all.

1. The Midi

A midi is a must-have this season. They are feminine, sophisticated and elegant. I was a little worried when I bought this because I wasn’t sure if it would look as good on me as it did on the model ‘cos let’s face it, models are usually at least 5’ 8″! But luckily the length of the skirt was just nice for me. I am so in love with this one!

2. The Mini

The other skirt I got was a bright-colored full A-line mini. This skirt is cheeky and cute! I matched it with a romantic blouse to soften the whole look a little. Otherwise, try color-blocking, which is very popular this season, and team up with statement shoes.

Another one.

Last but not least, an up-close shot of my simple make-up for the day, haha. I don’t usually wear my hair wavy, I wear it straight instead but because today’s photoshoot was more feminine, I decided to wear some curls!

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this =)

I Love You, O.P.I.

Today I finally bought something that I’ve been wanting to try out for a long, long time – Drip Dry Lacquer Drying Drops by O.P.I. and man oh man, it’s one of the smartest and most useful things ever invented for vain women I just can’t love it enough!

Last week I had a horrible nail painting episode. I gave myself a DIY French manicure at home before bedtime. I think I spent close to 20 minutes trying to dry my nails with my blow dryer in between intervals of applying the base coat, color coat and top coat until I got so sleepy I said to myself, “Ah **** it, I’ll just go to sleep now and try not to move too much.”

The next day, I woke up with extremely fugly nails with trapped tiny bubbles in between the different coats of nail lacquer. ARGGGHHHH. That’s when I thought to myself, that’s it! I ain’t gonna waste SO much of my time on getting such fugly nails anymore. Imma go get some rapid drying drips or coat or whatever to make my life easier!

Mind you, I wore those fugly nails for about a week. When my colleague noticed that I did my own French manicure, I had to quickly hide my hands at the speed of light just so she couldn’t take a closer look at them T_T

After work today, I finally took the time to get myself my first bottle of Drip Dry Lacquer Drying Drops by O.P.I. and I just LOVE it! I applied the drip after redoing my nails tonight with a new color I bought today and it literally dried my nails in less than 5 minutes! Is it amazing or what!

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2011

Can’t believe it’s the Mid-Autumn / Mooncake Festival again!!! Time really flies! We had a simple dinner at home this year, just the three of us. I’m so happy I finally get to spend this day with a close family member this year – my brother! Wing Kin is such a good boy who decided to not go out fishing tonight despite the very bright, full moon tonight 😛

I’m happy as can be as I got to play with tanglung again this year! Wheeeee~! My brother was super impressed that I managed to buy some old-school paper lanterns! HAHA! Oh how I miss the days when we were just a couple of kids enjoying all our siblings’ and cousins’ company – happily playing away in my grandmother’s big backyard. Those were the days……

Hope y’all had a wonderful celebration this year! 😉

Kitchen Corner II

Today I decided to write another post on our kitchen since I haven’t blogged anything about the house for a while now.

I love my kitchen because that’s where I cook, wash and clean.

It warms my heart when I first walk into the kitchen every morning because it has such beautiful sunlight coming through the window.

It also has this super cute rainbow-colored tiles on the wall that just brighten up my day!

For the first time in my life, I have a beautiful wooden kitchen worktop! Well technically, it’s not mine but at least, I get to see it and prepare food on it everyday, lol!

And I just gotta love the deep, spacious double kitchen sinks. The best of all, instead of having a conventional stainless steel sink, I now have it in WHITE, haha!

Nine Months Ago

I found some old photos in my pc tonight of which I looked rather cute in, HAHAHAHA hence I’m posting ’em up here tonight 😛 Plus I haven’t blogged in a while so I thought I should bribe you all with a couple of photos. Ahem.

These amazing photos were taken by my cousin’s awesome Canon 5D Mark II. Must blow up big big and show everyone!

Back when I had super long hair and I was still a “brunette”. Love this pic because it looks like I have really slim legs but I actually don’t, hahahaha! Gotta love the wide angle lens! NOT photoshopped at all!

Kin looks so cute here ❤

And here’s my bedroom! Please don’t be jealous haha. Weirdly enough, Kin looks a lot like my uncle in this photo, how bizarre!

On a totally random note, I really wish to buy a piano right now but I’m so broke!!! ARGH. And my pc almost died the other night so I told Kin, “Is it time for an iMac?” But I revived my pc that night. Don’t really know whether to laugh or to cry. 😐

Oh, and I’d really like to be Norah Jones so I can sing soulful jazz with my sexy voice and get kissed by Jude Law on my blueberry nights. Le sigh~