Latest Splurge: Skirts

I recently fell in love with vintage/retro-looking skirts. Three weeks ago, I finally saw two that I’d really love  to try on and bought them online!

I’ll be sharing some photos that I took today with you all.

1. The Midi

A midi is a must-have this season. They are feminine, sophisticated and elegant. I was a little worried when I bought this because I wasn’t sure if it would look as good on me as it did on the model ‘cos let’s face it, models are usually at least 5’ 8″! But luckily the length of the skirt was just nice for me. I am so in love with this one!

2. The Mini

The other skirt I got was a bright-colored full A-line mini. This skirt is cheeky and cute! I matched it with a romantic blouse to soften the whole look a little. Otherwise, try color-blocking, which is very popular this season, and team up with statement shoes.

Another one.

Last but not least, an up-close shot of my simple make-up for the day, haha. I don’t usually wear my hair wavy, I wear it straight instead but because today’s photoshoot was more feminine, I decided to wear some curls!

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this =)


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Jessica Blaise S

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