The Hug

I had a dream last night. In my dream, I was at the airport, flying off to somewhere.

For some reason, my paperwork wasn’t complete and I was told to fill in some forms at the counter. Just as I was filling in the form, my father came by. I saw him coming in and I motioned him to take a seat and wait while I fill in the paperwork. He sat there quietly while I studied the form carefully.

After some painful minutes of filling in the form several times because I was told by the lady that I didn’t answer the questions accordingly, I was done. Ready to go! I turned around to find my father sitting there quietly, his legs crossed in front of him comfortably. I walked towards him and he got up.

“Why isn’t mum here?” I asked. He gently shook his head. Mum must be busy, I thought to myself.

It was time to leave so I leaned forward and gave my father a hug. A long, warm embrace. I felt my arms tightened around him when I realized I was actually hugging my father. This familiar yet strange feeling. When was the last time we actually hugged like this? I couldn’t even remember. All I knew was, he was here, well and alive, reciprocating my embrace. I couldn’t be any happier and relieved. I’m hugging my dad.

When we finally pulled apart, I woke up. And fell right back asleep a few seconds later.

It wasn’t until I woke up this morning that I realized, my father is no longer here. I felt slightly suffocated and my heart twitched. And then I remembered the hug. And felt so lucky to have been able to experience that. Even if it was only in my dreams.

I miss you, dad.


Jaws Sushi

Hello blog! Sorry I haven’t been updating for the past week or so. I’ve just been kept so busy with my CA =( Yup, I’m back to studying once again after resting for ten months hahaha. So not fun!

Anyway, I was too lazy to cook tonight so we headed out for dinner at Jaws Sushi in East Perth. I called them a month or two ago to ask if they still had the all-you-can-eat-in-45-minutes promo ‘cos I wanted to bring my brother along so he could try it out. Unfortunately, they no longer have the promo, boohoo. =( Maybe they were making too much loss out of it. Oh well.

Ever since I laid my hands on the evil iPhone 4S, I’ve been SO addicted to the photo-editing apps! I’ve now started taking photos and updating them in real-time just like the rest of you do! IT. IS. SO. FRIGGIN’. FUN. by just going “snap, snap, take a pic, select photo-editing app, choose an awesome filter effect for your photo, add a witty caption (my captions are all boring though), click share so the rest of the world sees your so-called artwork *ahem*”.

I just can’t keep my hands off my phone. I’m using my toes to type this as I speak.

Okie dokie, enough of the wordy essay, time for some pictorials!

Sushi train at Jaws Sushi earlier. Gosh I love my salmon. By the way, I finished my wasabi so don’t go thinking that I’m wasting food, shush.

Woohoooo, crème brûlée!!

This was my dessert – green tea ice-cream. It was reaaaaally, really good so that makes me a happy customer!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I shall go to bed now. I feel like my toes are about to have a cramp from all these typing, sheesh! Goodnight world! =)

Succumbing to the Dark Side

Two weeks ago, I succumbed to the dark side by buying an iMac.


For your information, I had to sell my kidney for this.

Today, I succumbed into the DARKER side of the dark side! *Gasps*

How, you ask.


I got myself an iPhone 4S today!

This time, I decided to sell half of my liver instead.

This is me caught in the act! See that girl sitting next to me? Yeap, she’s the one signing me up for the liver-selling procedure. (Photo stolen from Fiona nyehehehe……)


Video: Trip Back Home 2011

Short clip on my trip back home to Miri during Chinese New Year earlier this year. Sorry I’m 8 months late! LOL.

I miss my family and the food so much!

Mayday! Mayday!

Yesterday evening, Kin noticed that bees were building a nest inside our kitchen wall. Yes, you heard it right, INSIDE our kitchen wall! Dozens of them flew into our kitchen via the insulation holes that run from the outside to the inside of the house. They didn’t seem harmful though (but I freaked out a little still -_-). In fact, they were quite small and weak. Most of them were half dead by the time they flew into our kitchen, some even fell dead on the kitchen floor already.

Kin then collected all of ’em dead ones into this yellow pail. Seems creepier when you see so many of ’em together! o_O

But still nothing as scary as Pennywise (clown from I.T.) who appeared in my dream nightmare a few nights ago. T_T Anyone of you watched this movie when you were a kid? My cousin conned me into watching it alone and I have since developed Coulrophobia (fear of clowns) :(.


I cooked bakuteh tonight and boy, was it delicious! Kin also made our own DIY garlic rice to literally spice up the dish and make it even yummier hehehehe…

I am truly a Malaysian girl at heart!

September is now officially over, we better go wake Green Day up.