Jaws Sushi

Hello blog! Sorry I haven’t been updating for the past week or so. I’ve just been kept so busy with my CA =( Yup, I’m back to studying once again after resting for ten months hahaha. So not fun!

Anyway, I was too lazy to cook tonight so we headed out for dinner at Jaws Sushi in East Perth. I called them a month or two ago to ask if they still had the all-you-can-eat-in-45-minutes promo ‘cos I wanted to bring my brother along so he could try it out. Unfortunately, they no longer have the promo, boohoo. =( Maybe they were making too much loss out of it. Oh well.

Ever since I laid my hands on the evil iPhone 4S, I’ve been SO addicted to the photo-editing apps! I’ve now started taking photos and updating them in real-time just like the rest of you do! IT. IS. SO. FRIGGIN’. FUN. by just going “snap, snap, take a pic, select photo-editing app, choose an awesome filter effect for your photo, add a witty caption (my captions are all boring though), click share so the rest of the world sees your so-called artwork *ahem*”.

I just can’t keep my hands off my phone. I’m using my toes to type this as I speak.

Okie dokie, enough of the wordy essay, time for some pictorials!

Sushi train at Jaws Sushi earlier. Gosh I love my salmon. By the way, I finished my wasabi so don’t go thinking that I’m wasting food, shush.

Woohoooo, crème brûlée!!

This was my dessert – green tea ice-cream. It was reaaaaally, really good so that makes me a happy customer!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I shall go to bed now. I feel like my toes are about to have a cramp from all these typing, sheesh! Goodnight world! =)


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Jessica Blaise S

Interior decor & photography enthusiast.

6 thoughts on “Jaws Sushi”

    1. Hi Nina,

      Nothing that interesting, really. Lol! I’m not that into studying 😛 But basically it’s just obtaining my CA qualification, which is required at my workplace.


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