The Guest Room

For those of you who did not already know, my brother has gone back to Miri a week ago. We had a tiny little gathering at home the night before he left, with Fiona & Meng.

We then had a couple of hours of sleep and woke up at 4 a.m. to send him off at the airport. Upon our arrival, we were quite astonished to find a long queue at the “web checked-in” line. Honestly, I didn’t expect so many would use the web check-in service hence the surprise. Anyway, we joined the queue and before we know it, he was at the departure gate.

Everything happened so fast and he was in such a rush I didn’t even get to give him a proper goodbye talk. Just when he was rushing towards the gate, I went, “WAIT. I haven’t even said anything yet!” and pouted. -_- I told him to be a good boy since he’s a big boy now and to take good care of mum and sis back home, hahahaha. I’m such a bossy sis. I was also ready to give him a hug. But then I looked at him and his hands were full, he was also backing off from me (possibly because he knew what was coming o_o) so I held back. =(

Anyway, he’s having great fun back home now with our family and his girlfriend so all’s good and well. Can’t wait for my next trip back home and it’ll be my turn to be pampered by everyone back home hehehehehe.

By the way, the guest room is now empty once again. Mum and Ni, come visit me soon?


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