4th Anniversary

About two weeks ago marked my 4th anniversary with Kin. Our celebration this year was a lot more simpler as he was down with a flu and my stomach was acting up that day as well so both of us weren’t really into the whole lovey-dovey-oh-how-I-love-you-darling mood. All we had was a simple dinner with a bottle of wine that night.

Nevertheless, he surprised me with a dozen of roses the day before after I got home from my CA class. I was cranky and very grumpy after class because I hadn’t eaten all day and I was starving by the time I reached home, which was about 3 o’clock in the afternoon. I love my food alright, I can’t survive without it!

So he comforted me by going, “Poor you. I’ll cheer you up okay? C’mere!” in the kitchen. The entire time, my face was like this -_- alright, lol! I thought he was gonna surprise me with jelly or some cold desserts in the fridge but when I went over, he opened the fridge and there it was, a dozen of roses. Awww……

They are so beautiful. I realized that flowers you get from the florists are so different from flowers you get from supermarkets. These are a lot fresher and last so much longer as well! Soooo prettttyyy…… Le sigh…

They’ve dried up now since it’s been two weeks already so I tied them up in a bunch and left them by our fireplace as decoration. I was thinking of making them into potpourri instead but I don’t have any fixatives and essential oil =( Next time perhaps!


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Jessica Blaise S

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3 thoughts on “4th Anniversary”

  1. Hi Twinny, hen jiu mei lai kan ni de blog. I’ve been so busy! Anyway, happy 4 years to you and Kin. Just remembered that ur anniversary is about the same time as mine!! 🙂
    For my 4 years I just went out to eat and then the comic strip. Turns out our comedian was very very hamsap and I couldnt get all the jokes.

    Miss you.

    Dont be -_- liaw.


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