The Holiday Begins

Hello, it’s me! I’m so happy to be able to sit down and blog today. I finished my exam just a week ago and holiday had just begun for me, I can’t be anymore excited!

I recently took up kayaking. Okay, actually, I’ve only just kayaked once ever since we got the two-seater kayak hahahaha! Kin started kayaking months ago ‘cos he’s into yak-fishing. He’s always asking me if I wanna go kayaking with him or not but I always turn him down. This time around, he got a two-seater kayak so we could have “family outings” he said.

I love the both of them! ❀

So last weekend, we went out on a little family outing – Kin, myself and Koko! It was a little tricky trying to get Koko to stay in the boat at first ‘cos it’s his first time. So I held unto him tightly when Kin pushed the kayak into the river. The next thing I know, water was getting into the kayak and my shorts got wet. Yup, my underwear did too. -_-

It was a beautiful Saturday morning blessed with a beautiful weather. I wasn’t supposed to but I took out my iPhone anyway to snap a few photos hahahaha.

Okay, I’m so sorry but I’m going to have to end this post abruptly as I’m going fishing now, hahaha! Caught three tailors the other night, so hopefully I’ll be as lucky tonight! πŸ˜›

Until then, goodnight and here’s to wishing you all a very safe & Blessed Christmas! Will update soon on my upcoming Christmas parties!!! πŸ˜€



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Jessica Blaise S

Interior decor & photography enthusiast.

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