Baking: Heart-Shaped Cookies

Yup, I baked today! Made some heart-shaped cookies from Donna Hay’s Star Cookies recipe, lol! Mine aren’t star cookies ‘cos I don’t have the star-shaped cookie cutters so I made some heart-shaped ones instead.

Today is yet another dramatic day for me. I was all excited since this morning ‘cos I was planning to bake some cookies in the afternoon. After lunch, I got Kin to accompany me to the store to get some baking goods. Once we reached home, I went to the nearby Coles to grab some ingredients for the cookies. I got home, unpacked the stuff that we bought and was ready to start!

I then placed the butter and sugar into my new mixing bowl – given to me as a Christmas present by Fiona (aww <3). I went to grab my electric hand mixer, only to realize that the box was missing the most important part of the mixer – the twin steel mixing beaters!!! ARGGGHHH!! What the hecccckkkk. I’m pretty sure I saw them when we moved house but we must’ve forgotten to bring them over and left them at the old apartment!!! At this point I got really frustrated because that means I’ll have to head back to Coles to get a new hand mixer and it’s bloody 38 degrees outside. Plus I think I’ve only used the previous mixer for less than five times. -_-

But what could I do, right? I had no choice but to head back to Coles and grab another hand mixer because man, I was REALLY in the mood to bake today! And so I did.

Fifteen minutes later, I got home. Hand mixer in my hand. All set now, all set now baby, it’s time to bake! I got all the other ingredients ready and now it’s time to sieve the flour. Now, okay, where is the sieve?


Okay, please, please tell me I bought the sieves this morning. *Checks plastic bag frantically* Nope. Nothing. You’ve got to be kidding me. THIS IS COMPLETE MADNESS!!!

I rang Kin up and asked him if I grabbed the sieves from the store this afternoon. It seems like I didn’t. But I thought I did! T_T Today is really just not my day!

Ah, eff this, Imma just go to the nearest IGA store and grab a sieve. That’s it! I ain’t driving back to Coles anymore, I’ve been there twice already today! So I took Koko and drove to IGA immediately. Rushed into the store, went to the baking section and looked for a sieve. Found one! You’ve got to be joking. IT WAS TINY! And selling for $8.17!!! The ones that I saw from Kitchen Warehouse this afternoon were selling for $15+, they were of good sizes and they came in TWO! For those of you who don’t already know, IGA REALLY DOES RIP YOU OFF! But I couldn’t complain because right then, I needed a sieve, and boy, I needed it baaadddddd……

The rest, is history! Fi dropped by after work to help me out. Thank you, if you’re reading this!!!

I think we made about three trays of cookies and they tasted quite alright, hehehehe. Not bad for a first attempt! *Grins*

And just ‘cos I was finally getting into a good mood, I got Fi to help me take a few photos from our little baking session.

Dough imprinted with heart shapes, haha!

Ready to be popped into the oven! (Okay, this was taken by me)

Voilà! Finally done!!! Our house smelt so good just then. In fact, it smelt like Chinese New Year, hahahaha!!! (This one was taken by me as well hehehe)

A whole day’s hard work finally paid off for me!


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