More Christmas Presents?

Yeap, you heard it right! It’s already past the 12th day of Christmas, but I’m still receiving Christmas presents! How awesome is that?

Boss got back from their Christmas trip to Hong Kong last week and gave us our belated Christmas presents today. What an awesome way to kick our Monday blues away! Thank you bosses! I heart you both! *Big wet eyes*

First awesome gift from boss is…

A FREAKIN’ FUJIFILM INSTAX MINI! I actually have an old retro Polaroid camera, y’know, those black, squarish-funny-looking thingy that develops almost squarish films instantly? Yeah, I have one of those. Unfortunately, it uses Type 600 films and Polaroid have stopped producing these films. 😦 There is this new instant film created by the very amazing Impossible though. They call it The Impossible Project. If you love me, please buy me some of these films so I can use my old polaroid again, thank you very much! 🙂

Meanwhile, I shall have a fling with my new Fujifilm Instax Mini, hehehehehehe. It came just in time for my trip back home to Miri as well so I’m gonna go on a secret rendezvous with him it! Oh, I’m excited already!

It comes complete with a photo album and instant films so we’re now ready to snap photos! Come to momma!

Woooohh, check out that pearly white and smooth body. I’m in love already. ❤

Next gift is an iPhone case. A Hello Kitty phone case. HAHAHA! Never in my life have I thought that I would end up owning a Hello Kitty phone case.

Well it was either this or a hot pink polka dot phone case. I guess I’d rather go all cutesy using this childish phone case than to use a hot pink one.

Last gift of the day is a surprise gift from Apple Inc.!!! Last month, I sent in my iPod Nano 1st generation for replacement as Apple announced there was something faulty with the battery. I did a quick search online and it appeared that we would be getting the same 1st generation’s iPod Nano. I was a tad bit disappointed ‘cos I thought the old one would be replaced with the newest iPod Nano instead but oh well, the 1st generation was fine with me as well since my boss already gave me a newer iPod Nano during Christmas two years back.

The parcel from Apple came in today and I opened it, saw some squarish thingy in a plastic wrapping and nothing else. I looked frantically for a rectangular iPod Nano and found none!

“OMG. I think someone stole my iPod,” I told my colleague. She panicked a little as well as I continued searching. I then looked at the squarish thingy in my hand and thought to myself, you’re kidding me right? You’re sending me a replacement battery for my iPod? But my iPod is with you! How am I supposed to use this friggin’ thing without the iPod!

Wait a minute…… This can’t be it. Is this… IS THIS THE NEW IPOD NANO?!?!!

Okay, it really is!!! Thank you, Apple! I love your awesome post-sale service! Muah muah muah!

You know, if 2012 is gonna be as good as today for the rest of the year, I think I’m gonna be an extremely happy girl! HAHA!


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Jessica Blaise S

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4 thoughts on “More Christmas Presents?”

  1. *pengsan*

    i wish my boss is as kind as yours. but the most he gave me was RM50 as ang pow and a free dinner with the rest of the hospital. oh well, better than nothing! 😀 CONGRATS to you too.


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