There’s a Monster in My Tummy

My appetite’s been so good lately. But, it’s terrifyingly scary to feel hungry ALL. THE. TIME. I downed a bowl of chicken udon and I think about five plates of sashimi by myself the other night. In fact, if Kin didn’t tell me I was such a pig, I would’ve gone for another five plates of sashimi instead! And also grab myself a big bowl of green tea ice-cream. πŸ™„ Ahhhh, I’m salivating just thinking about it now.

Actually, I would very much prefer to have an awesome bowl of seafood chowder right now. Mmmmm…… Seafood chowder……Β May I please also have a big bowl of homemade French fries and plenty of homemade aioli. But it’s 12:15 a.m. right now. 😯 ARGGGHHH!! SO. HUNGRY. I should just sleep it off. But I can’t sleep when I’m hungry! 😦

On a side note, I’m flying back to Miri in a few more days! I’m so darn excited! Amazing Malaysian food, here I come! Can’t believe a year zoomed past just like that! I’d say I had a pretty good year (2011). We moved to a new place with a vintage touch, got ourselves a little puppy (Koko) and cut my hair short for a change! Let’s hope 2012 will be an even better one! πŸ˜€

Packing starts tonight by the way. I have a bad feeling my luggage will be overweight because I’m bringing lots of clothes I’m not wearing anymore back home for my mum and sister or to give away wtf, lol! Believe it or not, I actually packed three bagfuls of clothes tonight to give away! I’m so proud of myself! *Sniff* Well, if the old ones don’t go, there won’t be any room for the new ones, HAHAHAHA!!! 😈

While I was clearing my closet, I found this lace dress my mum bought 15 years ago.

Mum, do you remember this dress?

I remember trying it on when I hadn’t even reached puberty hahahahaha!!! I couldn’t fill up the dress at all ‘cos I was very skinny was I was young. My mum then told me to keep the dress until it becomes a perfect fit. And so I did. Trying it on today shows that I’m filling the dress up quite nicely, now that I have put on some weight, hehe.

Alrighty, I think it’s time for me to log off. I think I’ll go hunt for some food to satiate my crazy appetite, muahahahaha! 😈 Goodnight, peeps!


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