Chinese New Year in Miri 2012

Hello people, I am back from my holiday! Spent two amazing weeks back in Miri with my family and friends for Chinese New Year. Happy Dragon Year everyone!!!

I put on tonnes of weight during my trip back home because I can never say no to Mirian food. Also got a cough from eating too much durian, hahahaha!

Oh! Oh! Oh! And I also went broke although I didn’t stop by Kuala Lumpur for my shopping spree this year – because I went to have my teeth whitened for a friggin’ RM980!!! But I later found out that I really wasn’t conned by the dentist because my cousin and my other cousin’s wife did theirs for a far more expensive price!

In actual fact, my dentist didn’t think that my teeth were yellow at all (2nd whitest on the teeth shade scale) but I insisted on having them whitened. Well, that of course, was before he told me the cost of having it done. 😥

Anyways, I took a gazillion photos during my trip back home. This time around, I didn’t really lug my huge ass DSLR around because I too now have an iPhone! It’s really making me neglect my cameras I tell ya!

First up, I’ll post photos of food, food, FOOD! I ate so many different stuffs back home and I didn’t manage to take photos of all of them. Now let’s feast our eyes together 😀

My first meal as I reached the land of Malaysia – Marrybrown’s lucky plate, hahahahaha!!! I’m proud that I spoke rather good Malay when I ordered this, no stuttering whatsoever, woohoo!

This, is the amazing and famous cake my sister has mastered perfectly from my mum – chiffon cake! I would LOVE to learn to bake this so I can have it here whenever I want to. Unfortunately, I don’t think shops here in Perth sell pandan leaves and fresh santan. 😦

Nini, I will miss this soooo much!!! T3T

Omg, I’m drooling right now!! Mum’s 老黄瓜 (old cucumber) soup! I’ve been craving for this since forever ‘cos we can’t find old cucumbers here in Perth. Mum also cooked me 西洋菜 soup, which I didn’t manage to take a photo of, boohoo 😦

I love you mummy! Please come cook me more delicious food this year end, hahahaha! :mrgreen:

I can never get enough of kolok mee! A must-try for anyone who visits Sarawak (Borneo Island)!!! This was amaaaazingly good.

Sarawak laksa!!! Also a must-try if you’re visiting Sarawak. Kin never tried this for the first 25 years of his life ‘cos he couldn’t take spicy food before. But once he could, he discovered the goodness of laksa and favored this over kolok mee hahahaha!

I brought five packs of laksa paste back with me this year so I can satisfy my own cravings! Wheee~!

ZOMG-ly delicious wantan soup! The wantan skin was so, so, so, so soft what sorcery is this!!!

老鼠粉, which used to be my favorite when I was a child. Unfortunately, the hawker stall that I frequented since I was a kid had closed down. They used to make the best of the best 老鼠粉 (hahaha!) it’s a shame I can never taste something like that anymore.

Fried kueh teow, which was very, very yummy indeed.

Curry rice from the market. One of my grandma’s favorites when she was still alive. She could eat this everyday. 😛

Super delicious curry puffs made by my aunt! Oh this was so yummy I couldn’t stop eating them.

CENDOL!!! I love this Malaysian dessert! Especially on a hot day! What bliss~

New dimsum place at the Foochow Association building – China Town Cafe.

Another new dimsum place called 老杨私房菜. I reckon the food here is better than China Town Cafe’s.

Taken during our Chinese New Year’s Eve’s reunion dinner. Look at those foooooooddddd. Why I gained so much weight from my trip back home is pretty self-explanatory!

That’s the end of my food photos. If you wish to feast your eyes again, please scroll to the top of this post lol!

I attended my cousin, Fabian’s 1st birthday party the day I reached Miri. Just a year ago, I attended his full moon party! How time flies… He’s grown into such a cutie pie! Adorable and all…

Here’s a photo of him with his three sisters – Rachel, Ruth & Rebecca. 

Another one of Fabian. 😀

This is Rebecca, Fabian’s sister. Really, really cute as well!

Look at those hamburger cheeks LOL!

Also celebrated another cousin’s birthday – Charlene’s 18th!!

We went to the CNY Bazaar (night market) after Charlene’s birthday dinner.

One of the live performances – dragon dance.

Gong hei fatt choy!!! 龙年行大运!!!

Attended Siew Fah & Peter’s wedding as well! About time you guys!!! Eight years together and still growing strong! Congratulations you newlyweds!!

With the girls! (Photo stolen from Vera on Facebook hahahahahaha!! Thanks girl!) Everyone looked amazing!! (Yes, I had a haircut!) The guys were commenting how much I resemble Amanda Seyfried in her latest movie “In Time” with Justin Timberlake with my new haircut. If only I look half as hot as her! But thanks guys! 😳

More girls! 😛 (Stolen from Vera yet again hurhur)

With the guys. (Yup, stolen!)

With the bride & groom! (Still stolen LOL!)

We went out for a karaoke session and had fun, fun, fun! POPPIN’ BOTTLES IN THE ICEEE~~ LIKE A BLIZZARD~~

Mummy!!!!! Posting this because she looks young and thin here, lol lol!!! This was taken before the CNY haircut 😛

Her on the phone with sunnies on. Like a boss.

Random photo of me sporting my new haircut hahahahaha!!! Didn’t see it coming, did ya? I think I look ten years younger now.

This is Sora! A four-month old husky puppy my cousin is helping his friend taking care of. Sooooo cuuuuuteeeee!!!

Also fell in love with a samoyed puppy on TV! *Sniff* I love it when he sticks the tiny tip of tongue out slightly. ❤

The only nice shot of the fireworks I captured on Chinese New Year’s Eve.

Family portrait on the first day of Chinese New Year!!! I photoshopped my tummy smaller in this photo because the real thing must NEVER be seen by anyone! o_O Did my sister’s makeup for the day and she could do it all by herself the next day onwards, haha! I’m an awesome sensei.

A close-up self-portrait on the first day of Chinese New Year. My face is heavily air-brushed (at least I’m admitting that I photoshopped my photos!) and the background photoshopped because I took this in the kitchen, lol!

The whole outfit for the day. Many commented that I looked like a bride that day and I kinda saw this coming ‘cos this dress is inspired by Kate Middleton’s Alexander McQueen wedding gown!

With brother’s girlfriend and aunt.

With my beloved sister, Nini! I envy her super straight teeth! I wanna get mine fixed too!

Day two’s makeup. Again, HEAVILY AIRBRUSHED.

Full outfit. Wore a loose-fitting dress on the second day just so I could eat more cakes, agar-agar, keropok, cookies, and all. Yum.

Outfit for day four. Not posting photos of day three ‘cos I didn’t take any during the day and the ones taken at night were horrible ‘cos I already looked like a hag by then, hahahahahaha!!!

Group photo of us siblings on day five!

Met up with twinny Doris!!! Woman, you look amazing all the time! ❤

With Esther!!! Thanks for coming out to meet although it was our last day in Miri! So glad to be able to catch up with you and laugh like the good old times 😀 xoxo

Series of polaroids taken before heading off to the airport. 🙂

This time around, I actually teared up on the plane during my flight from Miri to KL. Dear Miri, until we meet again! Mum and Nini, do keep your promise in visiting me this year end!! ❤ ❤ ❤


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