One More Down

God gave me an early birthday present yesterday – a Pass for my last technical module for my CA program!!! I am sooooo happy!

Things haven’t actually been going well for me this week. My car kinda broke down twice in a week, sent it to the workshop so I had to take the train to work, causing me to be 40 minutes late and all so passing my exam really made the rest of my week. 😀

I prayed really hard before the results were released. Every single second waiting was painful for me. My hands were clammy and I became so, so restless. When I saw the results, I just felt so relieved and glad that it’s over now. I won’t have to repeat this silly module anymore, hahahaha!

So that’s four technical modules down and one last one to go! *Cues Rambo soundtrack*

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Jessica Blaise S

Interior decor & photography enthusiast.

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