Living Life

I have some free time on my hands tonight so I thought I’d blog a little. I have been busy living my life for the past few days – my weekend and weeknights packed with things to do because the boyfriend’s dad is here for a visit.

We headed down south last weekend for a day trip, photos have yet to come because the memory card’s currently with the boyfriend’s dad in Melbourne and he’ll only be back next Tuesday! We’ve had quite a bit of fun these few days and it’s always nice to be out in the sun before the chilly winter days come.

Oh and believe it or not, we went for a karaoke session last night and sang for four hours straight! FOUR freakin’ hours!!! Hahahaha!!! The karaoke place was shitty but for $8 an hour per person, it was alright I guess. So want a karaoke set for my own place next time! >_<

On a totally random note, I saw a father teach his son how to cycle today. It immediately made me smile when I saw the father softly placed his hand on his son’s back as the son worked on his pedals nervously. =)


Koko Swimming for the First Time

Please watch this in HD for better video quality! 🙂

We brought Koko swimming for the very first time last weekend and he simply loved it! We played fetch in the water and he instantly knew how to swim instinctively, hahaha! How cute is that?

Whose Birthday Is It Again?

Yup! It’s my birthday once again!

I would love to write a really long post on how much I enjoyed myself on my birthday but since I only took a couple of photos for the day and I’m really tired from the intensive fishing I’ve been up to these two days, I’m just going to write a short and sweet entry about my special day, hehe.

I woke up kinda grumpy in the morning because I only went to sleep at 2 a.m. the night before. I was busy tidying and cleaning up the house for the small little gathering on the following night. Also, because it was a Friday, I had to get up at 7 plus to go to work. I basically slept for five hours only. I’m old now, I can’t have late nights, my body can’t handle it. 😦

I arrived work on time and found a bouquet of lilies on my desk!!! OMG, who could they be from?!

From my darlings in Melbourne & Newcastle! ❤ Thank you guys soooo much!!! It was such a surprise! I wuv you guys long time… xoxo

The rest of my day at work was filled with overwhelming Facebook alerts on my phone, hahaha! Thanks to all of you who remembered and everyone who took the time to wish me happy birthday, I am truly blessed. 🙂 Also a special thanks to Amy who called to wish me happy birthday!!! Hugs & kisses from me.

Come night time, it was time to partaaaayyyy!!! I’m just joking, hahahaha! We only had a cozy little gathering at my place for dinner.

Fiona made me this really cute birthday banner and I love it! In case you didn’t know, it’s the first time someone’s made a banner specially for me!! *Sniff*

Mini lamb leg roast with mint sauce.

Kin and I had a go at making trifles for the very first time, hehehehe… This is not the traditional trifle your grandma would’ve made you when you were young, lol. I was trying to imitate the trifles sold by a local bakery shop near my workplace, hehe. We kinda ruined four out of the ten cups of trifles we made HAHA! They are SO BAD that they’re not even picture worthy. But, but, but we managed to salvage another two at last so that makes it eight successful cups of trifles out of ten! That’s not too bad hey? Gotta love trifles with cream and sprinkles! Whee!!!~

I didn’t manage to take photos of all the food we had but trust me, dinner was good and we had a little too much to eat! Haha!

This is me after eating like a cow, cutting my favorite ice-cream cake (similar to last year’s ‘cos I love it so much I got Kin to buy another one for me again this year hahahaha)!

And here is a group photo of us for the night! We took another one with Koko in the picture but he just looked like some crazy dog hahahahaha!!!

Present from Sophia! A teapot set necklace from her very own boutique! How beautiful is this? I love how vintage-y it looks!

I also received this surprise birthday card from Meng & Fiona a few days before my birthday! You guys are so sweet, thank you!!! I love receiving handwritten cards from people 😳 (Hint hint for next year’s birthday, LOL!)

Lastly, a crochet pattern book on doggies from Fi!! Ahhhhhhh I love it so much!!! Can’t wait to start crocheting again!! Me wuv you long time as well ah moi!

Once again, thank you everyone who made my special day even more special than it is already. I love you all and I can’t thank you guys enough for loving me back!!!