Living Life

I have some free time on my hands tonight so I thought I’d blog a little. I have been busy living my life for the past few days – my weekend and weeknights packed with things to do because the boyfriend’s dad is here for a visit.

We headed down south last weekend for a day trip, photos have yet to come because the memory card’s currently with the boyfriend’s dad in Melbourne and he’ll only be back next Tuesday! We’ve had quite a bit of fun these few days and it’s always nice to be out in the sun before the chilly winter days come.

Oh and believe it or not, we went for a karaoke session last night and sang for four hours straight! FOUR freakin’ hours!!! Hahahaha!!! The karaoke place was shitty but for $8 an hour per person, it was alright I guess. So want a karaoke set for my own place next time! >_<

On a totally random note, I saw a father teach his son how to cycle today. It immediately made me smile when I saw the father softly placed his hand on his son’s back as the son worked on his pedals nervously. =)


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