Baking: Cornflake Biscuits

Hi lovelies! Posting a short update tonight before I begin my revision tonight.

I baked some cornflake biscuits yesterday! Back home in Miri, my mum makes these delicious cornflake biscuits every Chinese New Year. I just had quite a fair share when I went back for Chinese New Year earlier this year. But ever since I got back, I’ve been itching to bake some myself! So I asked mum to share with me her secret recipe, hehehehe.

They turned out quite alright, though the dough turned out a lot drier than mum’s. Maybe it’s because of the different climate here, I don’t know.

The saddest thing is, the raisins don’t taste quite as good as the ones back home. šŸ˜¦ We have darker (closer to black) ones back in Miri but the raisins here are lighter-colored and much bigger in size. Maybe I should try them with sultanas the next time instead. Meanwhile, I’ll have a whole container of leftover raisins in my pantry and I won’t know what to do with it. -_-

Anyway, pics! Pics! Pics!

This is the dough. Not a lot but enough to fill almost three baking trays.

After that, I totally messed up with the temperature and the cooking time. Mum did not give me a specific temperature so I had to run the whole “trial and error” thing myself. First tray came out cooked on the outside but soft on the inside so I had to put it back into the oven. šŸ˜„ After what seemed like forever, I finally managed to find the perfect temperature and time for them to cook nicely. Phew~


The end result! Bite-sized – perfect for a snack, hehehehe!


Close-up shot of ’em biscuits!



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