A/W Inspired Heels

I’m in the mood for a blog update today! I know I’ve been neglecting my blog for quite a bit lately. But trust me, I have good reasons for doing so! I have good news to share with you all soon. You’ll just have to bear with me for a while before I reveal it to you, hehehehe.

Anyway, the reason why I’m blogging today is to share with you all my current favorite sandals/heels! These are the A/W inspired ankle strap heels from Hello Parry, which are absolutely GORGEOUS must I say! I love how they make my legs look so long! Unfortunately it’s winter now in Australia so I can hardly wear them out. But when the sun’s out for a peep and when it’s not rainy, I’ll put these babies on.

Front view. Love the chunky ankle strap. Yells out rock chic sexy! I think they go really well with my lilac nails too.

Side view. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!

Do head over to Hello Parry for a look or follow them on instagram, they stock plenty of bold and fashion-forward pieces without the killing price tags! Happy shopping and you’re welcome, haha!!!


Emma Louise Birdsall Singing Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (I Love You)

I instantly fell in love with this Woolworths ad when I saw it on the telly last night. Emma is amazing! Such a classy, beautiful young lady!

We Have a Storm Coming

I am now sitting in my chair at home, totally stress-free since I finished my last paper earlier at noon!!! Well, I can’t exactly say that it’s my last paper now, can I, just in case you know, I end up failing my exam and would have to re-sit this module. 😥 Let’s pray that that doesn’t happen! Man, I’m so happy now that I have so much free time on my hands again! Wheeee~

Anyway, we have a storm coming later this evening! (Why do I sound like I’m actually excited about it?) I can see the dark clouds brewing in the sky from my window and I do not like the look of it. The weather’s been kinda crazy for the past few days and they were bad enough already. Can’t imagine what’s it gonna be like tonight. I hope it’s not gonna be anything like the crazy hailing weather we had two years back!

Stay safe tonight, Perthians out there!