MODE-Inspired Looks

Happy weekend, everybody! It’s a sunny winter here in Perth today, but the temperature in my house is still crazily cold. I suspect this house has very poor insulation 😦

I spent this morning basking out in the sun in my pyjamas while watching Koko running around in the backyard, chewing every single weird looking object he can find on the ground. It felt really, really good considering how crappy I felt yesterday. I’m feeling all good now 🙂 God gives us hardships so we will treasure the good times even more!

Anyway, proceeding to the photos I took earlier this morning! Please excuse the weird looking makeup if that freaks you out. I look like a completely different person after trying on this look. Even the boyfriend got shocked for a bit when he saw me, haha!

I’m going with two MODE-inspired looks today. I quite like this MODE style, which is very popular in Japanese fashion, ‘cos I find them quite elegant and not too “cute”.  The makeup can be a little over the top though – usually with very dramatic eyes with the use of falsies, so I don’t think I can wear this makeup when I head out during the day. But I think it’s perfect for a night out!

The first look – oversized top/shirt with denim bottoms. The shirt I wore was semi-sheer so I wore a corset top underneath. Mind you, I was freeeezing when I took these photos! Argh I guess it is impossible for me to wear these out until the days get warmer.

Complete the look with a statement scarf worn as head accessories and bold earrings. I actually have another scarf in red prints but since the material is thicker, it looks too bulky on my head (I’ve got really thick hair), haha.

One more.

By the way, my shirt has a cut-out detail and a draped longline hem at the back. I know I look fugly in this photo but it’s the only photo I took that slightly shows how the shirt looks like at the back -_-

The second look is actually uhm, not that much different from the first one, LOL!!! That’s cos I was too lazy to change my hairstyle and the leggings that I initially wanted to match the top with is in the wash, boohoo! So I only put on a different top, a different pair on shoes, swept my hair to one side and grabbed a small satchel to create this “other look”, hahahaha!

I initially wanted to match this EMODA top with a pair of black faux leather leggings to create more contrast and make both my top and shoes pop out more. But since my leggings are in the wash, I’d just do this “denim on denim” look instead, hehehehe. I might post that one up next time.

Alrighty, that’s all for today. Gonna go prepare my tax return now so I can get some tax refunds back as soon as I can!!! Tata~


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