Travel Log: Melbourne, Victoria

Hello everybody! I’m back from Melbourne! Our 5-day trip was too short to be considered a good break for us. It just felt like a long weekend, in a different city. Nevertheless, boy was I glad I took three days off work! Woohoo! I had to stay back at work late for the two days before I flew though ‘cos I couldn’t finish my job T_T

Anyway, things are back to our normal routine now. We’re actually glad to be back as we started missing Koko so much! It’s our first time leaving him with someone else while we go on a holiday. Crazy dog had a totally bizarre attitude and almost destroyed my friend’s whole house. He’s like the doggy version of the Hulk!!! So strong and destructive, arghhhh…… But he’s trouble-free when he’s with us! Perhaps it’s the separation anxiety that drove him mad for the past few days. 😦

Hokay. So. It’s been 6 years since I last visited Melbourne! 😯 The last time I went there was during a road trip back in uni days with my high school mates. Man, I can’t believe how fast time flies. Things were definitely so different the last time I was there. I can only vaguely remember the places I’ve been to. But I am clearly aware of how I was back then – young, carefree and so darn innocent, lol. I went out for a photoshoot with a stranger I “met” online 😯 THANK God nothing horrible happened to me and the everything went well and decent, lol!!!

I remember taking a photo like this as well when I was there 6 years ago. This is like a mandatory photo for all tourists to snap 😆

This is taken in the La Trobe Reading Room, State Library. Such a beautiful, quiet place for reading. *Cues Zen music in mind*

Yours truly outside the State Library. It was freezing cold and windy in Melbourne that day. The wind basically blew me backwards while I was standing at the traffic lights 😥 It was also the day I declared that I officially hate Melbourne weather, LOL. I also cursed non-stop under my breath. 😦

Super cheap Japanese meal we got at Don Don. This huge bowl of sashi don for only $8.50 I think. The shop was jam-packed with people coming in and out constantly.

Kin’s Don Don bento box, which came in a big portion too with fruits!

Flinders Street Station. Loooove the historical look of this heritage building!

Degraves Street. We had our breakfast here before the pre-wedding photoshoot for Regina & Patrick.

I thought to myself, what a cute little shop!

Collins Street if I’m not mistaken. I love the naked trees along this street. Perth should have more of these next to heritage buildings! Oh and I love yellow-colored cabs! Feels so New York-ish to me.

Another one of me!

Taken in Mart, a tram stop café.

With old-school decor.

Faux sakura.

Want one for my own place!

All in all, it was a nice and pleasant trip. Had the opportunity to meet up with a couple of old friends and my cousin, photograph Regina’s pre-wedding photos, and bump into some random strangers with quite bizarre attitudes, lol!

Man, I need a REAL holiday instead of a short 5-day trip. Next destination – the States perhaps?!?!


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