Spring is Here!

Spring is here! And it’s such a beautiful season with flowers blooming and the weather gradually warming (though it was in fact very chilly this morning in Perth!). I was so happy when I found flower buds one of the trees in my front garden so I snapped photos of them that morning, haha. And guess what, the flower buds started blooming into tiny little flowers the next day! Watching how fast those flower buds bloomed was just amazing and I thank God for all his beautiful creation.

Now that the sun is out, I do keep myself rather busy during the weekends for the past few weeks. Did gardening a couple of weeks ago, bought some herbs to make our own indoor herbs garden and painted one of our walls to make it a feature wall just last week.

We also got most of our new furnitures delivered this week!!! Our living room is now almost done. I’ll just have to hunt for some cushions that are not overpriced to make the couch even more comfortable that it is already, haha. Cushions are so darn expensive here! I might just have to make some myself =(

Dining area’s progressing well too! Just a little bit of painting to do with our occasional table and probably a new lamp on the ceiling. All the new furniture is taking its toll on our piggy bank though. But we keep telling ourselves, it is all worth it for us to build a place which we are perfectly happy to live in for the next few decades, lol.


Creative Project: Synthetic Turf

Kin and I are both spending plenty of time and energy on the house now – mainly on DIY projects since buying the actual stuff to accomplish what we have on mind appears to be too costly.

We are going to revamp a couple of areas around the house by ourselves instead of hiring tradies and or handymen to do the job for us. This is all very exciting for us since we’ve never done it before (fingers crossed everything will turn out okay!) plus it’s such an awesome feeling when we see the final outcome! The sense of achievement is tremendously satisfying, hehehehe.

So, we used synthetic turf in one of our projects. Can you guess where this is going?

Will reveal this soon!