Lavender & Roses

I thank God that I don’t get hay fever during spring so I can be outdoors enjoying all the beautiful flowers and plants blooming in this sweet-scented season.

The lavenders in our garden is in full bloom now. I decided to keep a small bundle in the house today =)

I hope I don’t look like a druggie sniffing these every now and then *shifty eyes* Well, lavender scent is supposed to relax my mind. Lemme just take a sniff now, brb.

Okay, I’m back!

(Image is clickable!)

Despite the fact that I do NOT have green fingers, I decided to give planting and growing roses a try. I don’t know how long they’ll last in my garden, really, lol. I also had no idea rose plants were so expensive to buy 😦 Please, please, please don’t die so soon!

Hey roses, you’d better not die or I’ll make you into rose jam I tell ya!

Just kidding!!

Okay, I’m going to end this post very abruptly because I don’t know what else to talk about, lol. Enjoy your weekend everyone!!! 



I woke up feeling great today because it’s the weekend! I decided to have a second go at making pancakes from scratch for breakfast today. The last time I tried making them, it was disastrous lol. I blame it on the “wrong” recipe that I got online that morning! 🙄

Anyway, the new version that I made today was much, much better! It finally LOOKS and TASTES like pancakes. The ones I made last time tasted like roti canai. -_- I started getting very excited when I saw the final outcome so when it came to serving time, I sorta overdid the ‘dressing’ bit, hahahahaha!!! The pancakes were topped with crazy amount of strawberries, blueberries and bananas, LOL!!

Like this. 😆

(Photo taken using Kin’s HTC)

It was wayyyy too much for me to finish. I ate half of the pancakes and all the toppings, saving the remaining half for snacks later, lol!

We then proceeded to doing some house chores. After doing the laundry, I went out the front garden to do some gardening while Kin did the ones at the backyard and the al fresco area. As usual, Koko got a bit nervous when he sees me outside in front while he’s stuck in the house or with Kin at the back. He likes to follow anyone who goes out the front ‘cos he wants to have a sniff at everything out there (he’s done so with everything at the back already). So he started whining and stuff but we both ignored him altogether.

All of a sudden, I realized that Koko stopped whining and so I decided to check on him. Usually at this point in time, my biggest fear is that he’s destroyed something in the house to get our negative attention or to “punish” us for not letting him out the front with me. I took a peep from the security door at the front and saw him at the dining table, possibly sniffing something at the table. AND THEN, I noticed that something on the dining table looks a little different.

Oh. My. Gosh.

Yup, you might have guessed it right. Koko gobbled down the remaining half of my unfinished pancakes. 😯 I can’t even.

The moral of the story is, never leave your dog attended with unfinished pancakes on the table.

And, I am a bad parent.

Creative Project: The Laundry

Hiii! I’m alive, not dead! Sorry I haven’t been updating my blog at all. I’ve sort of lost my touch with blogging these days. I no longer have anything interesting enough to blog about, boohoo. My life used to be so dramatic! What happened then?!

Anyhoo, I have some spare time on my hands tonight, plus Kin’s out fishing tonight so I have the whole house to Koko and I, teehee. I had a long, hot bath just then ‘cos it’s just been another crazy day at work today. I wanna grab some bath essentials this weekend if possible. But, as much as I love nice, long, hot baths, I can’t do it very often since I gotta save water for summer.

Oh and before I forget, I gotta reveal what the synthetic turf was used for as mentioned in my previous post.

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