Creative Project: The Laundry

Hiii! I’m alive, not dead! Sorry I haven’t been updating my blog at all. I’ve sort of lost my touch with blogging these days. I no longer have anything interesting enough to blog about, boohoo. My life used to be so dramatic! What happened then?!

Anyhoo, I have some spare time on my hands tonight, plus Kin’s out fishing tonight so I have the whole house to Koko and I, teehee. I had a long, hot bath just then ‘cos it’s just been another crazy day at work today. I wanna grab some bath essentials this weekend if possible. But, as much as I love nice, long, hot baths, I can’t do it very often since I gotta save water for summer.

Oh and before I forget, I gotta reveal what the synthetic turf was used for as mentioned in my previous post.

TADA!!! The synthetic turf was used in our laundry area! Anyone guessed it right?

This was actually Kin’s fantastic idea. I simply love it! The existing tiles that we had have (underneath) is a tad bit too *cough* ugly *cough* for our liking so we decided to do something about it. Re-tiling the whole laundry area would be too pricey so we opted for a cheaper option- synthetic turf. Our laundry area looks fantastic now it makes me so happy!


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