Weird Dreams

Ello, I’m blogging from my mobile in bed right now haha! It’s my first time writing and posting using the WordPress app on my phone and I have to admit this is pretty cool!

Anyway, I’ve been busy these two weeks (as always!). Attended a friend’s wedding last Sunday, which was very beautiful by the way! More and more of my friends are getting married now it’s kinda scary in a way ‘cos aunts sorta started pestering me about MINE now. Yikes!!

So, today is a short post about this really weird dream I had two nights ago, which involved Hamish & Andy (they’re Australian comedy duo in case you didn’t know) and Daniel Wu (OMG DANIEL WU!!!!!!)!!! LOL stars tend to appear in my dreams for some reason, which I consider as a really good thing by the way haha!

In my dream, I bumped into Hamish and Andy in a club not playing any music. The whole place was empty and there were just the three of us. Then Hamish took my hands and we started dancing. The weird thing was, he was covered in sweat from head to toe. Drenched. It was a little yucky to be honest lol. End of weird dream number 1.

Now moving on to weird dream number 2. In weird dream number 2, Daniel Wu was my boyfriend!!! OMGGG *screams* !!! Now I’ve always fancied him since I first saw him in “The City of Glass” so yeah, dreaming of him as my boyfriend just made me like a crazy teenager again! Unfortunately, in my dream, Daniel sort of got a stroke and I held him close so he could listen to my heartbeat. -_- But he never got better 😦 End of weird dream number 2.

Wtf. I know right? Exactly what I thought when I woke up the following morning.


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