A Twist to Our Glass Base Table Lamps

A Twist to Our Glass Base Table Lamp

Repost from my Instagram account. Sorry if you guys have seen this already.

Partly filled our glass base table lamps with pebbles last week and I quite like how they turned out! ❤

Can’t wait for our next DIY project but it will have to wait till next year though since I’ll be flying home in less than two weeks’ time. Getting all excited already right now, hehehehehe… It’s a shame Mr S won’t be accompanying me this time around ‘cos he has to take care of Koko at home so we won’t get to spend Christmas together 😦

Oh well, there’s always next year darlin’ 🙂


Hello Parry: Tweed Dress & Ruched Skirt

Hi, just a really quick update today since the blog seems quite dead these days, hahaha!

A couple of weeks back I attended my high school mate’s wedding. As usual, I “couldn’t find anything to wear” from my closet. But I was also too broke to buy a dress specifically for the occasion. The awesome thing was, I was lucky enough to win a $100 voucher from Hello Parry just in time for the wedding!!! How awesome is that? So the only thing I had to spend money on was on a pair of jelly shoes by Ted Baker (which I looooveeee!!!) hehehehehe. I got myself a C-inspired tweed dress and a pair of A/W-inspired ruched skirt.

Hello Parry Tweed Dress

What I wore for the morning ceremonial session.

Tweed Dress

Tweed dress in white. Also available in black.

In Tweed Dress

This was my makeup for the day – a touch of lilac and pink to suit the spring season.

A/W inspired Ruched Skirt

This was the A/W inspired ruched skirt that I got, paired with A/W inspired ankle straps heels and C-inspired belt. Top by Sass & Bide.

This skirt is absolutely fabulous to wear. It’s super comfortable and stretchy and looks good even when paired with a casual outfit. Think boxy shirt/top with ankle boots. I’d love to get them in other colors too (also available in grey and white :))

Alrighty, it’s time for me to sign off now. Heading off to my badminton session now, hehehehe. By the way, Christmas is only 16 days away!!! I am soooo excited ‘cos that means I’m flying home soon too!!! Gotta love the snow feature WordPress has every December 😀

Tata! *Kisses*