Still Got It?

A hot dude initiated a conversation with me in the mall this morning. Thirty seconds into our conversation, he held my hand, his eyes engaging mine all the while. Before I knew it, he started caressing the back of my hand gently in circular motion, his eyes fixated on mine all the while.

Oh, he has such beautiful eyes and a nice golden tan. He was tall, but not built. And yes, very good looking. And he was very gentle with my hand. My left first, and then my right. And then my inner left arm.

Ten minutes later, I walked away from Mr Hottie back into the arms of Mr S. (I think he was watching me disapprovingly while Mr Hottie caressed my skin, lol!!!)

You see, Mr Hottie only “chatted me up” because he was selling some kinda skincare products. He was trying the product on my skin when he “held and massaged my hands”, hahahahaha!!!

I think the only reason why he initiated the conversation with me was because he thought my skin looked bad and I needed whatever he was selling to improve the condition of my skin. 😥 Oh well. A girl can always dream. HA!


Australia Day 2013

Happy Sunday everybody!! I took some time to blog today since we’re having a long weekend here down under as it was Australia Day yesterday. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oy! Oy! Oy!

We went for a picnic before the skyworks show (our yearly tradition for Oz Day, lol!) with my aunt’s family and Jacinta a.k.a. Cinta this year. Met up with Fiona and her relatives later and joined them for the skyworks watching, hehe. The weather was really good this year, not too cold towards the night. We had plenty of good food for our picnic as well – fried meehoon, lamb stew, egg & tuna sandwiches and mixed fruit salad for desserts. Yummy!!

Here are some photos I took during the event to share with you all. Enjoy!

Aussie Flag

Here comes the Oz flag.

Afternoon Dip

Personal favorite =)

Skyworks 1

Skyworks 2

Skyworks 3

Skyworks 4

Skyworks 5

The skyworks were fantastic and absolutely beautiful this year. Unfortunately we forgot to bring along our radio/iPods so it kinda made the whole experience less fun than it should have been 😦 Oh well, there’s always next year, Australia! 😀

Happy Belated New Year

First of all, Happy 2013 guys!!! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break and a great New Year so far 🙂 Sorry I’ve been such a lousy person for not updating my blog at all. I was back in my lovely hometown, Miri for Christmas and the New Year. Being back of course kept me very busy with multiple food binging sessions, hahahaha! Too busy eating and eating and eating is a valid reason as to why I haven’t been blogging. 😆

I flew back to Miri via Singapore this time instead of KL. It was also the first time I visited Singapore (well technically it was just a 15-hour transit, lol!) so yeah I was quite excited! I reached Singapore around 10pm+ at night and my cousin whom I haven’t seen for yearssss came to pick me up at the airport with her husband. I spent the night at their condo and also met their two girls I haven’t seen for ages as well.

The next morning, my cousin brought me to a nearby market to grab breakfast and I had one of the Singapore delicacies – 水粿 (Chwee kueh).

Chwee Kueh

It was reaaaally yummy by the way, but very oily, haha! Arrrr, I’m hungry just looking at the photo right now >_<

Fabian and I B&W

This is my awesomely cute cousin, Fabian!! He’s quite a grumpy little kid but just oh-so-cute at the same time hahahaha! Love love love~ My sister quickly snapped this photo for me when I told her to because it’s just so hard to get him to want me holding/carrying him.

Mum and I

Mum and I at the airport waiting for my aunt’s arrival. It was just after I attended one of my highschool besties’ wedding!!! Regina and Patrick, congratulations once again!! I was so honored that they used one of the photos I took of them as the backdrop on the stage, awwww~ 😳

Retro Mum

As I went through photo albums at home, I found this! This was mum when she was in her 20s sometime during the 1970s. How gorgeousss!!! Love the beautiful sunroom as well!!

With Christmas Tree

One with our beautiful Christmas tree, set up by my brother and sister every year. =)

With Lamb Leg

For Christmas lunch, I was in charge of roasting the lamb leg, which turned out successful and was the first dish to be finished! Lol!!

For the first time in my life, I received a Christmas present from my brother – a badminton racquet!!! You don’t know how thrilled I was, lol ‘cos my brother is not the type who expresses his love for his family members. Nawww~ Thank you, Mr. Voon! 

Afterwards I had this crazy idea of playing badminton in the house with my sister, in my parents’ master bedroom, LOL!!! Sounds crazy I know but it was fun!! Sis and I always enjoy having fun the silly way 😛 Miss you, Ni!! Can’t wait till you’re here in March!! *Hyperventilates*

Mr. S also had a special Christmas present waiting for me at home in Perth whilst I was back in Miri! He teased me by sending a photo of the shopping bag but not showing me the gift inside. Grrr…… Well I finally got to open it when I got back on Monday, teehee! The gift is gorgeoussss baby! I love it to bits =) 

Doesn’t it just make you smile when a guy goes out shopping just to specially pick a present for you? In my case, I had TWO men who did this specially for me in 2012 🙄 😀

Sorry I haven’t got anymore photos to show you guys since I didn’t bring my camera back for this trip. So basically all the photos taken were by my phone camera, haha! Not bad, huh?

I’m glad to have taken this trip back home (despite the crazy expensive air tickets!!! :cry:) ‘cos I got to attend two of my friends’ weddings, celebrate Christmas, New Year and my brother’s birthday with my family back home. Not forgetting, eating lots and gaining weight too hahahahahah! I basically lost my waistline 5 days into my Christmas break in Miri T_T Time to revert back to healthy eating now that I’m back in Perth (we’ll see about that, lol)!

Lastly, just feel like posting a photo of Koko with his mini version – an amigurumi beagle that I crocheted ^_^

Koko & Amigurumi Beagle