Still Got It?

A hot dude initiated a conversation with me in the mall this morning. Thirty seconds into our conversation, he held my hand, his eyes engaging mine all the while. Before I knew it, he started caressing the back of my hand gently in circular motion, his eyes fixated on mine all the while.

Oh, he has such beautiful eyes and a nice golden tan. He was tall, but not built. And yes, very good looking. And he was very gentle with my hand. My left first, and then my right. And then my inner left arm.

Ten minutes later, I walked away from Mr Hottie back into the arms of Mr S. (I think he was watching me disapprovingly while Mr Hottie caressed my skin, lol!!!)

You see, Mr Hottie only “chatted me up” because he was selling some kinda skincare products. He was trying the product on my skin when he “held and massaged my hands”, hahahahaha!!!

I think the only reason why he initiated the conversation with me was because he thought my skin looked bad and I needed whatever he was selling to improve the condition of my skin. 😥 Oh well. A girl can always dream. HA!


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Jessica Blaise S

Interior decor & photography enthusiast.

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