Say Hello!

Hello!! I managed to take a few minutes to update my blog today!! As some of you may already know, my family came to visit me in Perth about two weeks ago. The last time everyone came over for a visit was around four years ago. How time flies.

I’ve been pampered a lot by mum this time. It so happens that they came over a week before my exam so mum would cook me delicious meals at home and I wouldn’t have to do any cooking at all! Hehehehehe…… Thank you, mum! And I’m sorry you have to be a kakak everywhere you go, lol!!!

By the way, I grew a year older two weeks ago!! I didn’t get any birthday cake this year. Also forgot to snap a birthday photo of myself!! 😦 Getting too old to remember small details like that now, hahaha! Too bad my family reached a day after, otherwise they would’ve been able to join us for the celebration as well. Nevertheless, I enjoyed myself a lot on my birthday with great company!  – with Mr S and Miss Fiona Fong, hehehehe. Thanks guys!!! ❤ Mr S woke me up in the middle of the night (I was sleeping like a log) with his alarm ringing. He wished me happy birthday and handed me a birthday gift and I was all, Huh?? *Pauses* Ohhh!!! Thanks bii! Lol!!!

Also, I need your prayers for my last paper! The whole exam was based on a case study about iron ore mining. And I don’t know JACK about iron ore mining 😦 Woe is me!!! I’ll just leave it in the hands of God and hopefully, I shall pass this time 🙂

Now, now, time for some piccies!

Family Portrait

Taken outside St Mary’s Cathedral. Sis and I were laughing at mum’s fringe, LOL LOL LOL!

Cartoon Face

Posting this up ‘cos I think I look quite okay looking in here but the other two were unpresentable HAHAHAHAH!!! Sorry guys!

With Sis

One with the sister 😛 Dislike the state of my hair now. I wanna keep it long again!

Rose in B&W

Ending this post with a rose from our garden.