Silver Lining Playbooks

Just finished watching “Silver Lining Playbooks” by Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. It’s not your typical romcom, and I love it!!! I love the fact that under all those brokenness and fear, you will find that you still have the ability to love, and so you do.

I would love to read the novel itself and get to know the characters more, then re-watch the film again 🙂

Also, I’d like to wish my little baby sister “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!” I love you soooo much!! xoxo

P.S.: Hope you like the little surprise I got you on Facebook 😛


Level Up!

I’d like to take a moment today to thank God for blessing me with all the good things in life. I’m more than happy to share with you all that I passed my last exam for my Chartered Accountants program. No more exams for me for the rest of my life!!!!!! (I hope!) Hehehehehe…

To be honest, I struggled a lot with this last module. I also totally lost all confidence when I sat for the exam because I failed it at my first attempt. 😦 Nevertheless, with lots of prayers (especially from my family and friends) and God’s great blessing, I finally managed to pass this time!!! All the sleepless nights fretting over my results and the awful nightmares of me finding out that I failed are all behind my back now. I am sooooo relieved!!

I’d also like to thank all of you who supported me and had confidence in me this time. I love you guys so much! Thank you, thank you and thank you! ❤

Creative Project: DIY Headboard

Hello lovelies! I finally came across something blog-worthy this week, hehehehe. Yours truly completed another DIY project with Mr S this week (actually Mr S did most of the tough job while I just gave him instructions, lol! :lol:) and I can’t wait to show you the final outcome!

So, WE completed a headboard this week!! I’ve been wanting a tufted headboard ever since I saw this one from Urban Outfitters. Targets in US sell plenty of nice looking headboards as well for reasonable prices. But I can’t seem to find any within my budget in Perth 😦 I tried looking for them on Gumtree as well but no one seems to be selling them at all, boohoo. So when I found out that people actually MAKE their own headboards, I thought, AHA! Maybe I can make my own too! And onto the to-do list it went!

Last week, we finally took the time to finally begin this long-awaited DIY project idea of mine, haha. Honestly, I thought I might never come around to actually doing this project because that’s how slacked I am. Anyway, I’m glad we decided to just go for it because we really love how it turned out, yay!!!

I won’t go into lengthy discussion of how we actually made the board, you can find plenty of tutorials online by searching “DIY headboard”. I took instructions from a few different sites and combined them. The duration of the project took longer than I expected though because other bloggers made it seem quite easy! Maybe we’re just not very good at DIY, lol! 😦

Okay, let me show you some photos I took of it today!


Our DIY headboard! I’m not very good with the tufting so you can’t really see the “diamonds” here. Or it could be just that the fabric that I used wasn’t the easiest to deal with. I got the fabric (premium linen) from Spotlight in “stone”. This was actually the second piece that I got because the first piece that I got wasn’t quite what I wanted and I only realized that when I got home and put it against our bedroom wall 😦 Now I just have to find something to do with that first piece of fabric that I got.

Headboard leg

The legs are from Bunnings. I didn’t actually know that Bunnings stock furniture legs as well! What a pleasant surprise! And I painted them white.

Bedroom 1

This is our bedroom now. It looks more “finished” with the headboard against the wall! I LOVE IT!!!

Bedroom 2

One more from the front. I’m thinking of adding more colors to the bed – thinking of getting cushions with pop of colors or with funky patterns to liven things up a bit more.

Bedroom 3

So, what do you think of our new DIY headboard? Yay or nay?