Miss You Guys

Under the Tree

Thanks Nini for photoshopping my face to such a sharp V, lol! 😛 Miss you guys! See you in September!


It’s May Already?

Hi everyone! Can’t believe it’s May already! I haven’t had a chance to blog at all for the past month. So tonight, I decided to let my dishwasher do its job so I can have some “me” time in front of my computer, hehehehe. Gotta love my dishwasher!

The only happening thing about my life recently is that I got into a car accident two weeks ago – someone rammed into the back of my car 😦 Thank God no one was hurt and she’s been quite cooperative so far (despite the few panic attacks she gave me from time to time when she wouldn’t pick up or return my calls *bites fingernails*). I’m hoping everything will be settled soon and my car fixed. It’s been quite a hassle having to send my car in for assessments and stuff.

I recently picked up reading again, yay!!! Bought a couple of new books recently and have been enjoying my bedtime reading :mrgreen: I love snuggling up in bed now that the weather’s quite cold at night. Winter is approaching!!! I need to get more knitwear ‘cos I don’t have many fit for work! Brrr~

Koko watching

Koko says hi!!! He dislikes facing the camera whenever someone is snapping a photo of him. Sometimes he will look super duper adorable or cute and the moment you whip your camera out for a snap, he will look away. -.-‘ I love my goo-bee!

With my roses

Last but not least, here’s a photo of yours truly taken 2 weeks ago because a blog post without a photo of myself is just not me, hahahahaha!!! Goodnight peeps!