We Are Engaged!!!

Sorry this is one day late, but I have something very important to announce, lol. It’s a lil’ dumb to have to write this still because you would’ve known from the title of this post already hahahaha but yes, Mr S and I are engaged!!! The mister popped the question yesterday morning and I said YES! I mentioned that it still seems surreal that this had just happened and I still feel the same right now… 😳

THE breakfast

So, it all started with this breakfast he made me yesterday morning. It’s the first time he’s made me breakfast in bed and I thought it was really sweet of him. He secretly went to Ikea to get the trays by the way, lol! Luck was on his side because I was sleeping like a dead log while he was cooking. Heck, I didn’t even notice that he got out of bed, LOL!

I won’t *ahem* discuss what we talked about next because it was something very personal to us. =) He then surprised me with a box under the blanket, went to my side of the bed, got unto one knee, presented me the ring andddd…… asked if I would marry him!! And I of course, said yes!! 😆 I was so shy to look at the ring and didn’t really know how to react initially. He had to assure me that this was all happening for realzzz, LOL LOL!!! I’m such a dumb dumb 😛

Mr S had this all planned and he never once raised my suspicion, lol. I think he did a fantastic job 😛 Apparently, he already let our immediate families and closest friends of his know beforehand. It was super sweet of him to ask for my mum’s blessing a day before he actually proposed =)) In the olden days, it would’ve been like asking my mum for my hand in marriage HAHAHAHA!! 😆

A big THANK YOU to our parents for giving us your blessings!!! =) We love you… Also a big thanks to everyone else for being genuinely happy for us ^_^ Thank you so much for all your well wishes!

Lastly, a HUGE thank you to Mr S, for still loving me after all these years together (five years and six months + to be exact, hahahaha!!). Thank you for putting up with my stubbornness and weird temper. Thank you for accepting me for who I am – in both good and bad times. I love you.

Okay, enough of the lovey dovey talk, lol. Some pics to share with you guys! I apologize for grinning like a mad person in all the photos. I was too happy, hehehehe…

A very happy me!

Taken during our engagement celebration dinner. Mr S had it all sorted out beforehand. Seems like he knew I was gonna say yes 😛 Well, duh! HAHA!!

With the man

With the man. You succeeded!! Hooray!!!!

A very happy us

Taken at home after dinner. We were stuffed!


And this, is a very happy Jessica. Thank you Lord for Your Grace and granting both Mr S and I this special day!


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