Eating Healthy

Happy Sunday everyone! What’s the weather like at your place right now? It’s raining here in Perth today and it’s a little chilly as well. I guess winter has officially started for us Perthians. Autumn leaves can be seen everywhere all over the ground and soon enough, my trees will be naked 😛

Despite the rain and the gloomy weather, I am in good spirits today! Thank you Lord 🙂 I haven’t shopped in a long while and last night I finally bought a dress for my cousin’s wedding in September. I’m gonna be one of the bridesmaids and the color code for our dresses is coral/orange pink. I must admit it was a little difficult to pick something of that color and looked decent enough for a wedding but I finally stumbled upon one last night and it was surprisingly affordable too! I was so happy! Hehehehe… Too bad they didn’t have the dress in my size anymore though so I bought one in a larger size and am planning to get it altered to fit me.

Anyway, I have decided that I need to change my eating diet. Well, not for all my meals throughout the day but only for breakfast. ‘Cos I know it will be hard for me to cook and eat super healthy food at night since I’m not eating alone. And trust me, Mr S is pretty picky when it comes to food. So, the only meal that I can change to fit my needs would be breakfast.

Healthy Breakfast

This is what I had this morning for breakfast. I haven’t got much in my pantry so I could only make do with what I had. I’m gonna try to stock on some granola, seeds and avocado. These food can be pretty expensive but I’m hoping this would change my overall health so it’s a good investment I guess.

When I’m running out of time to prepare a proper breakfast in the morning, a small bowl of porridge (cooked oats) in the office never fails to keep me going until lunchtime 🙂

Vain Shot

Here’s a vain shot I took of myself this morning after Mass 😛 Hello~ *Waves* I love my iPhone front camera because its low resolution blurs out all the imperfections and blemishes on my face, hahahaha!!!

Signing off now, tata!


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