Keeping Warm

Mozzies Leggings

Hello lovelies!!

Guess who’s forcing herself up so she can write up a short post on her blog tonight. Seriously, my eyelids are so heavy and my body is begging me to sleep (and it doesn’t help that I’m sitting in my very comfortable bed right now whilst typing this). But I thought it’d be nice to post something here since I hardly ever come here anymore. And I’m not sure if any of you do anymore, hahahaha!!!

Anyway, it’s raining outside right now. In fact, it’s been raining the entire night – a typical, gloomy winter night but we haven’t had many of these this winter so it actually feels pretty good to have some rain. I just dislike the piercing chilliness winter gives me 😦

Mr S and I headed out for dinner tonight as today is a day worth celebrating, hehe – yours truly got a pay-rise!!! It is a very much welcome blessing from God and I thank Him for continuing to shower us with His blessings. Been having some issues lately but God made sure that in this vulnerable time, we can still rely on Him to provide us. =)

After dinner, we headed over to my aunt’s place to catch up as they had just flown back here from Malaysia. ‘Twas fun catching up about things that happened back home in Miri while they were back. Made me miss home so much though. 😦 I’m actually really looking forward to my short trip back to Malaysia this September for my cousin’s wedding! Though I won’t be back in Miri, almost the entire family from my mum’s side will be there in KL!!! We’re gonna have SO MUCH FUN!!!!!! Can’t wait!!!

Okay, I really shouldn’t get so excited before bedtime, hehehe… Gonna pen off now and I bid you all goodnight! Oh, and just in case I’m gonna read this post in the future, today’s the day Princess Katherine gave birth to her firstborn baby!!! And it’s a BOY! Random, haha!!

‘Kay, nite!


Bimbo Jess

Just about an hour ago, I was stuck in a car park in the city because I left my purse at home.

I started panicking at the payment booth when I realized that my purse is not in my bag. And then I realized that I had taken my purse out of my bag last night when we went for badminton (didn’t wanna be carrying my handbag to a badminton session wtf lol).

So I quickly cancelled the payment and started searching for my phone in my bag so I could call Mr S to check if my purse is with him whilst walking towards my car.

Seconds later, I ran into a cement overhead and banged my head right into it. Simultaneously, a woman drove past me and witnessed that embarrassing moment. Yay!!

I had no choice but to call my boss up for help. I feel sorry for him that he has an idiot as an employee.

I’m now back in the office with a slightly sore head 😦 Looks like bimbo Jess is back!!! *Waves*