Bimbo Jess

Just about an hour ago, I was stuck in a car park in the city because I left my purse at home.

I started panicking at the payment booth when I realized that my purse is not in my bag. And then I realized that I had taken my purse out of my bag last night when we went for badminton (didn’t wanna be carrying my handbag to a badminton session wtf lol).

So I quickly cancelled the payment and started searching for my phone in my bag so I could call Mr S to check if my purse is with him whilst walking towards my car.

Seconds later, I ran into a cement overhead and banged my head right into it. Simultaneously, a woman drove past me and witnessed that embarrassing moment. Yay!!

I had no choice but to call my boss up for help. I feel sorry for him that he has an idiot as an employee.

I’m now back in the office with a slightly sore head 😦 Looks like bimbo Jess is back!!! *Waves*


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Jessica Blaise S

Interior decor & photography enthusiast.

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