I have a funny story, which is too good not to share!

Two nights ago, Mr S and I went out for dinner at night. I’ve been getting so lazy to cook nowadays so we’ve been eating out a lot for the past few weeks. And trust me, it’s doing my waist and thighs no good at all 😦 I really need to get my cooking mood back!!

Anyway, so yeah, we decided to head to a nearby local Chinese restaurant for mee sua. When we stepped into the restaurant, it was empty, except for a man sitting at the last table. I glanced at the counter, it was empty as well so I shifted my eyes back to the man. He was staring at us at the same time as well. We were both staring at each other for the next five seconds or so. At this point I was quite desperate to be seated already because Mr S were both tired and hungry.

Now, I have NO IDEA what got into me, but all of a sudden, I had a feeling that the man staring right at us must be the business owner. Why? ‘Cos the restaurant’s empty and he’s the only one there? Or is it ‘cos of the can of drink and newspapers in front of him that made him look like a boss chillin’ out at his restaurant? Whatever it was, I was pretty certain that he’s the business owner.

So, I lifted my right arm and my two fingers, while keeping eye contact with the man and mouthed, “Table for two.” When he didn’t respond to my request and just continued staring back at me, I knew at that moment that I WAS AN IDIOT!!! I had mistaken a paying customer as the restaurant’s business owner and asked for him to give us a table!!! Arhhhh!!

Then as if the timing couldn’t be any better, the daughter of the business owner FINALLY popped out at the counter from the kitchen. So I quickly shifted my body slightly to face her and asked for a table for two. AGAIN. To the RIGHT person this time. *Face palm*

Yup, yours truly had embarrassed herself once again. I couldn’t stop laughing at myself afterwards, while the man was still waiting for his takeaway order a few tables away from us, LOL LOL!!! Mr S said that I had spontaneously flashed the man a “Peace” sign. LOL LOL!!!


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