Eating & Shopping on a Saturday

Heeeelloooo Saturday!!! I’m so happy that it’s the weekend again, yipee!!! The weather’s sooo good right now although we had a rainy morning. I’m eating moon-cake whilst typing up this post, haha! The mooncake festival is just around the corner I think so we bought a box of moon-cake from the oriental store just then. It’s so yummy!!! But it’d be even better if they had kuachi inside the filling… 😦

Mr S and I headed to Typika Artisan Roasters at Claremont for breakfast this morning. LOVE the interior decor of Typika!! The place was packed with people and there were people queuing up when we first got there. But we only had to wait for 15 minutes or so before we were seated. Food was served pretty quickly and the staff were very friendly! I must go back and try their lunch menu next since my office is within walking-distance away.

Mushroom Filled Crepe
This is what I had – mushroom filled crêpe, which was delicious by the way!

After breakfast, we headed to Claremont Quarter for a stroll. Haven’t been there for a long, long time although it’s so near my work place. Used to do all my grocery shopping there when I was still renting at Claremont. We grabbed lots of Blu-Ray discs from JB-Hifi ‘cos they having a “Buy 2 get 1 free” promo at the moment. The Blu-Ray discs were selling for $15.98 but it’s now $10.65 each after discount! Yay!!!

Afterwards, we headed over to Recollections by Lost Souls to meet up with Sophia, who is also a seamstress. I needed her help in altering my dress for my cousin’s wedding in September. Sophia has her own fashion label – Rosie & Broken and her label is available at Recollections by Lost Souls. It’s always lovely to see Sophia because she’s so bubbly and silly 😛

And guess what else I did whilst I was there? S-H-O-P!! Amazingly, Recollections by Lost Souls stocks pre-loved and brand new designer goods in store at affordable prices!!

Lost Souls
Yours truly came home with a shopping bag!

Lost Souls 2

Anxious to open this up! *Cues dramatic soundtrack*

Gucci Cardigan B&W

My very first Gucci cardigan! Now before you scoff and complain that I’m such a spendthrift, this beautiful number only costs me $150 and it’s BRAND NEW with tags and extra buttons and all!!! SCORE!!!


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