I’m Back!

Hola everybody, I am back!!

Actually, I’ve already been back for a week but haven’t had time to sit down and blog about my trip. I had a really good time in KL with my family and friends back home during my very, very short stay. I flew to KL on Wednesday arvo, arriving KL city at around 11pm because my flight had been delayed for an hour 😦

I dropped off my luggage very early at the airport and decided to go back home instead of waiting all by myself at the airport. Mr S decided to watch Shrek 2 together. But I ended up snoring on the couch (I was super exhausted on that day for some reason hahahaha)!

The flight was okay. It would’ve been nice if I could use one of the armrests though. I was sitting in between two passengers who decided place BOTH of their arms on the armrests, hence leaving me with none T_T

The trip was really, really short. I basically spent only 4 days 4 nights there. The only things on our itinerary was to shop, eat and attend the cousin’s wedding, LOL! There weren’t much sales going on so we didn’t go cray cray over shopping. Didn’t travel around to find exotic local food as well. I guess the only climax of my whole trip was my cousin’s wedding!


The cousin was super, super gorgeous and absolutely stunning on her special day! It’s a shame I didn’t take many photos of the day itself ‘cos as one of the ji-muis, I was too busy with the rest of the ji-muis torturing the groom on his groomsmen during the groom games sesh, hehehehehe…… Plus there were professional photographers around on the day itself, I felt quite embarrassed lugging my DSLR around werkin‘ it like a pro, HAHAHAHA!! I took less than 10 photos using my DSLR and decided to just keep it in my bag for the rest of the day.


The first shot I did of the bride. What did I tell ya? She looks stunning, doesn’t she? She was absolutely glowing on her day. So, so, so, so beautiful!


The color code for the ji-muis was coral.


With my sister and cousins.


Taken in church while waiting for the bride’s arrival.

Unfortunately, that’s the most I can show you of the wedding. I’ve seen the slideshow of the photos taken by their wedding photographers for the day during the wedding reception and the photos are verrrryy beautiful!! *Secretly wishes I can get a full frame camera and my dream lens LOLOLOL*

Siblings Love

Ending this post with a collage of photos taken with my brother and sister. See how cute my sis is? She thinks she looks fugly in most of the photos but I’m posting them still ‘cos I love all her expressions here hahahaha!!!

Okay lah, my brother is quite cute too. Bleh. 😛 I actually have this super duper fugly photo of his but I chose not to post it up because I sayang him lah! Hahahahaha!

Okay, goodnight everyone!!! We’re having a long weekend here in WA!!! WOOHOOOOOO~~~


Somewhat Homeward Bound

I will be flying off to KL in approximately 5 more hours. Just half an hour ago, the sun was shining and I thought to myself, Oh what a beautiful spring day! Right now, it’s all rain and gusty wind outside. 😦 I pray that the flight later will be a smooth-sailing one.

The purpose of my short trip to KL this time is because my cousin is GETTING MARRIED!!! TO MY EX-CLASSMATE hahahahaha!! (By the way, the sun is shining again. Make up your mind, Mr Weather!)

We are all super excited and happy for them and since most of us family members will be attending the wedding, I bet it will be soooo fun and filled with joy and laughter!

Hopefully I will have lots of photos to share with you all when I’m back. Meanwhile, I should be posting updates on my Twitter & Instagram accounts so do stay close! Hehehe……

Tata!!~ xoxo